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Boob Tune-Up By A SCORELAND Girl

Boob Tune-Up By A SCORELAND Girl

Boob Tune-Up By A SCORELAND Girl

Whitney Stevens brought her car to a mechanic for repairs, and now she swivels and bounces into the shop to pick it up. When he hands her the bill, she tells him she can't afford what he's charging.

Now, Whitney is a girl who can wrap any man around her little finger and wrap her big tits around any cock. She offers to barter the bill down.

Whitney is fine with getting her clothes off in the middle of a garage, no matter who else is around. She shows him her big tits. The mechanic tells her he can lower the bill if she fucks him.

"Oh no, I'm not going to fuck you," Whitney replies.

"Whadda ya gonna do?" he asks her.

"I can give you a hand job and fuck you with my tits."

In other words, a five-fingered discount. Deal.

Whiney sits on the mechanic, her tits out of her top and bra, and starts on her lube job. She's been trained to work with big tools herself. She pauses to stand up by the hood of the car and gets her shorts and tank top off to show him her superb chassis, rear bumpers and large headlights. Then she resumes her lube job, and it's a lengthy one. Whitney never skimps on full-service.

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