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Bunny Brooks – A Bunny Tale

A Bunny Tale

A Bunny Tale

Things to know about Bunny Brooks:

“I’m a cam model. I stripped for two years prior to finding a banner on a website. I clicked it and I started watching all these girls. I said, ‘This can’t be real,’ so I signed up, and before I knew it, I quit stripping. It’s much more fun. You get to interact with people. It’s fun getting to know people. Making friends and meeting people from all over the world. You get to interact more with people as opposed to stripping where it’s just, ‘Here you go. See you later. Hope you enjoyed your lap dance.’ “

“I’m pretty good at tit-fucking. Just oil the babies up and get right to it. Maybe give a little blow job while I’m at it. You know, suck their cock while they’re tit-fucking me, catch the head on the upswing. I don’t swallow. Cum can go anywhere else. It can go in my mouth and I’ll spit. On my tits. On my face. On my ass. In my pussy. In my ass. Anywhere else. I just don’t swallow. I love seeing it out on my body, but it upsets my stomach. Otherwise I would swallow in a heartbeat.”

“Nude modeling is just something new and exciting for me. I’m dipping my fingers in a few different things and seeing what I like. I’ve done a lot of things, but I’d like to be in more situations with women and men where I’m dominating them, spanking them while fucking them with a strap-on.”

“I like to drink a lot of beer. My favorite local bar is in Atlanta. They have a passport club. I’ve already accumulated over 650 different beers. I’m kind of a beer connoisseur. I’m a gamer and I play World of Warcraft. And I have three large dogs, Great Danes.”

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Anna Beck – Tits You Just Gotta See!

Tits You Just Gotta See!

Tits You Just Gotta See!

Anna Beck is a woman of few words. Partly because she doesn’t speak any English, but mostly because she does speak the only language that matters to us. It’s the language spoken only by girls with big busts, soft curves and endless lust. There’s no cock (not a real one) here for Anna to play with, but she has heavy M-cup boobs and a dripping wet pussy.

Anna starts this intimate show by fondling and sucking on her heavy naturals. She has always loved playing with them, and now that they’ve grown even bigger, it’s impossible for Anna to keep her hands off her massive mammaries. Eventually, teasing us with her M-cups becomes a tease for Anna, too, though. Her pussy needs some attention so she pulls off her panties and strokes her pussy while playing with her breasts. Anna begins to groan and we can hear how moist her pussy is as she strokes and fingers it. Soon, this becomes a tease, too and Anna pulls out her favorite toy–a red dildo–to finish herself off. Anna fucks herself with her toy vigorously before setting it on the bed and riding it like she would one of our hung cocksmen. After riding her toy for a few minutes, a wave of pleasure washes over face and spreads throughout her body as she finally cums.

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Harmony Sweet – Harmony goes for a bra fitting

Harmony goes for a bra fitting

Harmony goes for a bra fitting

Harmony straps her massive, natural norks into 32 E-cups.

“I wear tight tops most of the time. I like to show off my tits. Why hide them?” Harmony said. She’s no wallflower about sex, either, as this bra-store scene proves.

Harmony’s intent is to buy a new brassiere that will not only carry her big boobs high but will provide excellent support as well. The manager measures her tits then takes her in the backroom and fucks the shit out of her. We’re not claiming this kind of nookie goes on in bra shops. We just wish it did.

“I like to fuck with a vibrator buzzing my pussy and clit,” Harmony said. “I’ll run my vibrator along my clit and lips as his cock slides in and out. You talk about multiple orgasms! The first thing I look at in a man are his lips. The bigger the lips, the better he can suck my pussy. I like to titty fuck and I like to use toys. I use a big, rotating dildo in my pussy and an anal bullet in my ass. I have no interest in other women. I’m strictly dickly!”

Harmony only modeled part-time for fun and never had any intention of trying a full-time porn career. She had a job. Doing this scene (and several others at SCORE) was a fling. Harmony never shot for any other studio, and although she talked a few times about returning for more, she never did, sadly for us.

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Kay, Kelly Kay

Kay, Kelly Kay

Kay, Kelly Kay

We think that the curvy Kelly Kay could be a James Bond girl. Just look at the way she fills out this space-age, neoprene leotard. And we know where she could hide her twin laser guns! We’re sure that 007 would not object to sucking on Kelly’s big nips!

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Rucca Page, Scott Lyons

Back for a another scene of 100% Natural Wonders is Rucca Page, it looks like her jugs have grown since last time. She is looking to have some fun and get bossed around during rough sex. Try looking her in the face when you can easily see her large boobs bounce with every move of her body. While flicking her trimmed snatch Scott gives her a manhood to play with instead. She licks his long schlong form base to tip then warps her lips around his head and sucks it to the back of her throat. After moistening her cooche with his tongue he plunges his dick into her warm tight hole and makes her jiggle as he thrusts deeper.

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Brandy Dean – Busty ‘N’ Wet

Busty ‘N’ Wet

Busty 'N' Wet

Someone’s at the door. Who is it but red-headed vixen Brandy Dean, all 40-25-36 inches. Miss Dean’s 38DDDs enter the house before she does. Red is puzzled but he shouldn’t be. Give this girl an inch, she wants six inches more.

It seems that Brandy is a friend of Red’s wife and was expecting to hang out with the wife at their pool. She asks Red if she can catch some sun by herself. Okay, fine with Red. They are a match, at least by hair color. The wife must really trust Red.

Brandy peels off her pants and T-shirt to reveal her buxom body in a pink and orange string bikini that goes well with her red hair and heavy hangers. Red follows her and lurks behind a column.

Brandy squirts a bottle of suntan oil all over her big tits. Red hides and watches. Brandy sees him and calls him over, not bothered by his pervy voyeurism. No, she likes pervs. After all, she’s Brandy Dean. She lives so men can stare at her, jack off, suck her huge tits, insert their cocks in her mouth, fuck her big boobs and pussy, and ask her to autograph their issues of SCORE magazine.

Brandy asks Red to put oil on her back. Flipping over on her back after Red’s handling, Brandy’s chest attracts Red’s fingers like a lamb draws a wolf. They pull down her bikini bottoms to reveal her red pubic hair over a mostly bald pussy. Red forgets to add more oil as he rubs Brandy’s thighs.

Drunk from Brandy’s tits and cunt, Red forgets all about his wife and plays with Brandy’s pussy-lips. Brandy doesn’t approve of extra-marital sex but that’s okay because she’s not married, Red is. Overheated by the sun and her rubdown, Brandy cools off in the pool.

Red is waiting, cock ready for her tits when Brandy gets out of the pool. She immediately places his cock in her cleavage and mouth. Once Brandy is turned on, there’s no kill-switch. They will now suck, lick, pump and fuck, ending with her tits covered in nut butter.

“I think, if you haven’t considered it already, that you might want to release a Best of Brandy Dean DVD,” writes SCORE Guy D.W.. “Who would suspect that such an innocent looking gal was such a pornstress?”

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Kamille Amora – Best Models

Best Models

Best Models

A nursing student when she briefly posed in 2009, Michelle May returned in 2011 eager to resume. “For a while I thought modeling might’ve just been a fling,” Michelle said. “I wanted to be more serious with my nursing career. But after I’d been away from modeling, I missed it. I love nursing, but I get to show off a different side of my personality with modeling. I get to be sexy. I love my big tits, and I love that other guys out there love them, too!”

The enigmatic, quiet English girl Ashley Sage Ellison is one of the few, rare girls who posed in SCORE, Voluptuous and XL Girls. She even won SCORE and V-mag’s Newcomer of the Year Award. Ashley’s a beautician by profession. “You get to work with a lot of people on a personal level,” Ashley said. “You can also tell them what’s wrong with them and how they look and they rarely get upset about it. I can tell someone that their hair style or fingernail color is all wrong, and they act like I’m giving them the secret to life or something.”

Sarah Rae trained at home to be able to self-suck her heavy, gorgeous 34JJs. For many, she is the perfect XL Girl. Her body, her face and her girl-next-door personality almost seem like a dream. But Sarah is real, incredibly real. “I can only hold both boobs for a couple of minutes. However I can hold one all day. While I’m cooking, taking a shower, tweeting, vacuuming…all day!” What’s her secret? “Suck hard! I like to start sucking a little bit before the nipple, it helps me balance the weight.”

Nixie Night is another beautiful XL babe and she brings both brains and a bodacious body. This college student is studying the sexology of past civilizations. She can answer any sex question about the Romans, Greeks and other ancient cultures that were a lot more liberal than American society. For example, the Greeks. They were ass-focused, explains Nixie, and that’s why their statues have the asses they do. Nixie has shown her sexual skills several times at XL Girls. “I can honestly say I have never been ‘made love’ to,” says Nixie, “It’s always been ‘fucking’–fast and furious–and that’s how I like it.”

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Isabella Grazzi – Best Models

Best Models

Best Models

“I don’t really need to show a lot of cleavage because even if I try to cover it up, it just pops out,” says Micky Bells. “Men always look at me. They will follow me down the street and try to talk to me. Even women like to stare at my breasts when I walk. It is not just men who look. Sometimes women get mad that their husbands are looking at me. But, for the most part, people make comments that they enjoy seeing them. It is mostly good comments.” As you may know, Micky has lost a large amount of weight over the past year, enough to shift into the slim and stacked category of SCORE and out of XL Girls. Yet her impact at XL Girls will always remain unforgettable.

“I am proud of my boobies,” says Sarah Rae. “I feel blessed that God has bestowed upon me such a magnificent rack. I get asked a lot of the same questions. Like, ‘How big are they?’ ‘Are they real?’ ‘Does my back hurt?’ ‘Do I like sucking my nipples?’ etc. etc. I’m a 34JJ and I say yes to everything except my back hurting. I don’t know why everyone thinks it’s such a struggle for me to have huge boobs, I love them and can’t say one bad thing about them!” 723 images and 190 minutes of video. We’d say that’s an indication of Sarah Rae’s popularity.

Part of “Generation Next” at XL Girls, Lavina Dream made a deep impression on boob and ass men. Part of the Romanian wave of newcomers in recent years, Lavina was invited to travel with Jennica Lynn, Roxanne Miller and Vanessa Y. to the Dominican Republic during the 2013 holidays for the 2-disc DVD extravaganza, XL Girls On Location. “I was so quiet when I was a kid,” said Lavina. “I would only go to school and come back home. I would have never thought I could show my body naked. And with vibrators.”

Isabella Grazzi also represents the new wave of debutantes making their mark. Will she continue on? What plans does Isabella have? Only time will tell. Girls didn’t use to watch porn but things are different today. 21-year-old girls want to watch sex videos like guys do. 34FFF bra-buster Isabella is one of them. “I don’t try to draw attention to myself and my boobs but it just happens. Sometimes I joke around with them and sometimes I am super self-conscious.” We look forward to more of Isabella as part of “Generation Next.”

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Windy Leigh – Windy Leigh on Boob Cruise 2000

Windy Leigh on Boob Cruise 2000

Windy Leigh on Boob Cruise 2000

Here’s long-time SCORE favorite Windy Leigh baring her body on the beach. Windy poses on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands during Boob Cruise 2000. A girl-next-door from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Windy had natural B-cups until she super-sized and catapulted to big-boob stardom in magazines and on strip club stages. On Boob Cruise 2000, she showed off her tits and pussy during the nightly dance shows on-deck. She also painted an American flag on her body, and she did it all by herself, which shows some artistic skill. On the dance circuit, she won several exotic dancing awards and not just for her big tits but for her pretty face and long legs, too.

“This is the first time I’ve ever gone on a yacht cruise like this,” Windy said before the Cruise. “I’ll stock up on the sunblock before we go. I haven’t been buying a lot of new things for the Cruise. I’m relying on what I have at home although I’m sure I’ll have to run to the store at the last minute for something! I’ve seen the back issues and videos of the other cruises. It looks like so much fun. I’ve been so busy touring that I haven’t had time to get nervous about it. I guess what makes it a little extra special is that my buddy Jessica Justice is going too!”

Elliot James just told me a story about Windy on Boob Cruise 2000. The Cruise passengers were snapping hundreds of pictures of her during the fan photo shoot events, and the SCORE editor at the time said, “Windy, they love taking pictures of you!” And Windy said, “They don’t love taking pictures of me. They love jerking off to my pictures!” She got that right.

A few things you might not have known about Windy:

• She drank Mountain Dew like it was water.
• She and Jessica Justice both had dreadlocks by the end of the Cruise.
• The Boob Cruise was the first time she’d been on a ship.
• She is not related to SCORE Girl Summer Leigh.
• She named her tits “The Boob Brothers.”

I would’ve thought Boob Sisters, but who am I to tell a girl what to name her tits?

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Sally D’Angelo – MILF of the Month

MILF of the Month

MILF of the Month

Sally D’Angelo does her first anal fuck scene for SCORELAND. This lady is unstoppable. But before she takes the high hard one in her bum, Sally wants to open up her winky with pinky, her anal toy designed for those “special intimate moments.” While she’s doing so, her fuck friend arrives to take over her ass stretching. After a minute or so, he wants Sally to blow him and she wants his dick in her mouth too so she resumes her toying, legs up in the air. This is only the beginning of the pathway to filling Sally’s rear hatch.

Sally D’Angelo is the kind of woman who wears panties with beads sewed in so she can cum just from walking or even crossing her legs. And you’d never know it unless she told you. She does Kegel exercises to keep her pussy tight for young cock.

“Everyone who’s fucked me knows I get very loud. And it’s not fake either. That’s how I am. I cum a lot when I have sex any time. So it wasn’t a surprise. If the guy is good, or the girl is good, I’ll cum hard. I can cum just sitting here talking about it practically. I know what I like sexually, and I know how to get it.”

Sally is a woman with a huge appetite for all things sexual. Like her buddy Rita Daniels. “I like to be as naked as possible all the time. The less clothes I have on, the better. I walk around the house naked except for my heels. My husband likes it. He’s a little perv. That’s why we fit. You know what they say, dirty minds think alike. He likes to watch me fuck at SCORE and every place else. I like him watching. It makes me hot. I like having his eyes on me while I’m with another man. We’ve been together since about ’86.”

Some models dress in bulky clothes when they enter and exit SCORE. They like to be incognito. Not Sally. She will get out of the car wearing booty shorts, a tank top and stripper heels. And she walks around town like that too! A hell of a woman.

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Jola – Jiggling Jola

Jiggling Jola

Jiggling Jola

“I have never been a secretary,” said Jola, who can take dictation very well, no training needed. That’s what her partners in her two XLGirls videos have said. In her everyday life, Jola is a salesperson.

“Now I want to be in a threesome. I want two hot guys with big cocks. I don’t care for anal sex. They can have as much of my mouth and pussy as they want. I will try it soon! This is my promise.”

“I had a great time with Novis in the kitchen (“Bangin’ Time For Jola”) and with Tom in bed (“Sex & The Single Plumper”). It is not so simple to have this kind of sex with guys I meet after Novis and Tom. I think of the sex with them often!”

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<b>Mega-Boob Olympian</b>

Mega-Boob Olympian

Mega-Boob Olympian

Most of you know about SCORE‘s Mega-Boob Olympics. It has been a perennial best-selling DVD since its release in 2002. Originally, the list of models for this event was narrowed down to Casey James, Minka, Maxi Mounds, Kayla Kleevage and SaRenna Lee. SCORE needed a sixth mega-busty lady, which is not as easy as finding a fourth for bridge. Plenty UpTopp (with a capital T) fit the bill.

The blond stripper from Florida went through several transformations on her way to becoming Plenty. In 1990, she started her career as Ashley Bust during the dawn of the golden age of mega-busty dancers. Then she briefly changed her name to Sonnie Days. In 1997, she finally settled on Plenty UpTopp.

During Mega-Boob Olympics week, Plenty proved again how rambunctious, hyper-sexed and kinky she was. Plenty was always feeling up the other girls’ breasts, proudly displaying her pierced pussy and complaining that with so many people in the house of boobs, she couldn’t masturbate as much as she wanted to.

“My pussy is like driving a Ferrari, and that’s the truth,” Plenty said. Sometimes she would leave for some fetish party at night and be ready for action the next morning.

Plenty lived in skyscraper heels. I wouldn’t have been surprised if she said she slept in them.

“If I’m naked and in a pair of high heels, where anybody else in the room needs to be is on their knees behind me with their face buried in my ass. And shoes that are this height generally put my ass at face height when you kneel. I can be in a leg spreader and be very submissive in my high heels and still feel very sexy and really beautiful. I can be having a terrible day and put on a pair of giant high heels and just feel fantastic.”

She extended this lust for stripper footwear to her many booty calls, who she would let pick out a pair of fuck shoes to wear during sex.

“I’ll let him pick out a pair. I have shoes all over my house. My house couldn’t be more like a strip club if I had a brass pole in the middle of it. There’s neon. There’s a bar. My house is pretty cool. I’ve spent a lot of time decorating it, and it really reflects my personality. There are shoes everywhere. I have mantels along the wall with high heels, so you could wander through my house and pick out your favorite pair of shoes. One of my favorite things to do if I’m starting to date somebody, to see where their head’s at, is to let them pick out what I should wear. My fetish is clothes. I don’t need anyone to wear an ass-huffing device.”

I bumped into Plenty at several adult conventions in the ’90s and early ’00s. One year, she was with Chantz Fortune, another time with Alyssa Alps, who was writing her monthly “On The Road” column for SCORE. Plenty was always a high-energy woman. She would have been terrific on a Boob Cruise. Today, Plenty is retired and has a regular job. That’s difficult for me to even imagine. Plenty couldn’t sit still for a minute.

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Ann Calis – Top Heavy Table Topper

Top Heavy Table Topper

Top Heavy Table Topper

Ann Calis is a newcomer ready to take on the big-boobed world and she has the all-natural assets to do it. She is another great import from Bucharest in Romania, land of the buxom and the ultra-voluptuous.

“Modeling for SCORE is very exciting,” said Ann. Many think she is the personification of the ideal Voluptuous Girl. “I had never thought of doing anything like this before. I love it and I want to do more. My friends always said nice things about my body and my big boobs. I love to dress in sexy clothes, show my tits and masturbate with my toys. This is the right time for me.”

“My favorite way to relax is to go to a resort by the sea during late spring and summer and spend a few days enjoying the beach, sightseeing and having nice meals. I have a list of countries I would like to visit.”

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