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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Linsey In Bondage

Linsey In Bondage

Linsey In Bondage

Linsey is a little tied up so you’ll have to forgive her. Who remembers those old detective magazines, with their lurid covers of pretty girls in peril and tied up by loonies? They filled news racks for years before fading out in the 1970s. LDM even got that scared look in her eyes down pat. She’s a good actress! We’re running the set in black and white, also, to capture some of that vintage feel of ’50s and ’60s bondage and detective magazine photography. Except, LDM is stark naked. But she does keep the high heels on.

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Got MILK for my Cookie?

Got MILK for my Cookie?

Got MILK for my Cookie?

Christy is not only hot, stacked, horny, wet, raunchy, D.T.F. (That’s Down To Fuck, for those of you not in the know.) and an exhibitionist, but she is also a fan of baking. (Yeah, she likes to cook goodies for you to snack on.) So imagine if you will, that this stacked wonder was in your kitchen making your cookies. (Okay, imagine that you just fucked her and she rolled over and said, “How about I make you some cookies to say Thank You for giving me the dick down of my life?”) That pretty much makes her the most-perfect woman in the world. But wait! It gets better. How? Well, imagine that she is so thirsty from slaving over a hot oven and making you sweets that she gets herself a glass of milk and in the process of drinking that milk, she spills it all over her gazongas. Oh, no! What’s a horny, busty baker to do? Get naked, of course. And jiggle her knockers and diddle her pussy, too. (We don’t know what we would eat first, her cookies or her cookie!) Looking at this set of Chirsty makes us want to coat her in our man milk. It’s almost as if we can smell the baked goods. With a set o’ tits like that, Sara Lee ain’t got shit on our girl!

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Alana Lace – Alana Gets A Facial

Alana Gets A Facial

Alana Gets A Facial

“It makes me feel very sexy,” Alana says when asked what it’s like to see herself in a magazine. “It makes me feel very loved.”

Alana is certainly very sexy and loved in our hallowed halls of hooters and amongst the Brotherhood of XL Men. She’s one of the hottest hardcore performers we’ve seen in some time, and it doesn’t hurt that Alana is sweet enough to eat for dessert, either.

“I love fucking,” Alana says. “I love fucking and I love being watched when I’m fucking.”

We’re all about fulfilling desires here, so we had no choice but to fill Alana’s tasty, plump pussy once again. For our viewing and jerking pleasure and Alana’s exhibitionist desires. It’s hitting two birds with one bone.

Alana’s latest boning comes courtesy of our friend Seth Diamond. He’s never seen a plumper he didn’t like, or a pair of naturals he wouldn’t suck. So he’s certainly in luck because Alana is as horny as we’ve ever seen her. Her nipples are already erect when Seth pulls her tits out of her top. He sucks on Alana’s right nipple while she tends to her left tit. Yeah, naturals this luscious are often a two-person job.

Alana’s facial expression is a mix of lust and anticipation when Seth is about to stuff his cock inside of her. She’s rubbing her pussy and squeezing her tits and almost begging for his meat.

“Yeah, give it to me, baby,” she says in a nearly inaudible whisper.

She lets out a long gasp when he slides himself inside of her. Seth’s pace is slow and deliberate to start, but he gradually picks up momentum with each stroke.

“Oh, fuck that beautiful pussy,” Alana says. “Fuck this pussy!”

Alana’s pussy is more than beautiful. It’s mouth-watering. It’s the kind of pussy that makes you nearly drop your nut as soon as you slide inside of it, but you never want to leave once you are inside. Alana’s tits bounce to the rhythm of Seth’s thrusts when he fucks her, and her pussy is so wet you can hear him churning up her juices as he slides in and out. This is the type of five-star fuck a plump babe deserves.

“Cum on my face,” Alana demands.

You don’t stay as pretty as Alana without consistent facials, and Seth leaves her with a sticky one.

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Miosotis – Miosotis’ mammary-mashing, cum-inducing massage

Miosotis’ mammary-mashing, cum-inducing massage

Miosotis' mammary-mashing, cum-inducing massage

Looking very much at home in her native Dominican Republic, KKK-cup Miosotis–the bustiest slim ‘n’ stacked natural ever–puts her magic fingers to work on lucky stud Juan. But she doesn’t just use her hands. She uses her giant, soft hooters to ease the tension that’s flowing through his body. Of course, by doing that, she also makes his cock stiff

As Elliot wrote on SCORELAND, “She massages his entire body with her massive, slick and shiny mams, lubed for easy sliding. How’s that for service? The beneficiary of her breast largess can’t keep his fingers, tongue and cock away from her daunting danglers. Squeezing, rubbing, licking, sucking and burying his face between them, the Miosotis effect soon takes place. Miosotis plays tit for tat and tat for tit and taps him back with a wet BJ and a wet pussy. The treasure chest of the Caribbean is a prize named Miosotis.”

SCORELAND member PuraVida wrote, “Miosotis is something like a genie would create for you with a wish, she is so off the charts sexy. If that was my woman, my cock would be in pain from all the times I would shoot on her impossible-sized rack.”

Miosotis is truly a wonder of nature. She measures 50-28-36. Her tits are the only part of her body that’s big. She’s one of the rare naturals who’s a member of “The 20 Club” for girls whose chest measures at least 20 inches more than their waist. No wonder she was SCORE‘s Newcomer of the Year in 2010.

As Bradley4 said, “What a fucking goddess. Her perfect, brown skin needs licking and kissing. I worship you, sweet Miosotis!”

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Sha Rizel – A New Year’s Greeting From Sha Rizel

A New Year’s Greeting From Sha Rizel

A New Year's Greeting From Sha Rizel

It’s been another busy year at SCORELAND and other TSG websites, a busy year for our print and digital magazine crew and a busy year for our DVD department. The entire SCORE Group staff would like to extend our thanks for your continued support and loyalty. We would not be able to do anything without you guys having our back.

TSG is looking forward to another year of finding you the best in big boobs, as well as MILFs, amateurs and teens. We want to give special thanks to all of the sensational models–both girls and guys–who have posed for us in 2014. You make our day, every day.

Newcomer of the Year 2013 Sha Rizel sends her breast wishes to you for a Happy New Year in this special video greeting. Sha’s quite the natural wonder and we wish the brunette beauty a successful New Year. We’ll be seeing more of Sha at SCORELAND and SCORE magazine in the months ahead.

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Cat Bangles – Happy Bangin’ Boob Year

Happy Bangin’ Boob Year

Happy Bangin' Boob Year

Bostonian bra-buster Cat Bangles is ready, eager and hot to start things off with her own big bang theory. Dressed to impress in her party outfit, a very low-cut top open to the waist and a tight skirt, the Cat dances for her audience of one. Her sexy moves are very inspirational. The first thing they inspire is a giant hard-on. As Cat dances and bends over, her skirt rides up, baring her beautiful ass cheeks.

Her party date moves in for the thrill. Cat is ready to give Tony D. the best time a man could get. They share the erotic licking of the Cat’s nipples, sending a tingle through her body. Her lips are eager to wrap around his tool. As she sucks him off, her saliva flows out of her mouth. Cat’s slurping, wet and messy blow jobs are fantastic.

“I’m very flexible…and I have next to no gag reflex,” Cat says and that’s not mere boasting. Cat can swallow the biggest cocks and suck so hard, she could come close to actually vacuuming the cum out of your fucking balls.

Cat and Tony get comfy and into a 69 position. As Cat pulls and licks his pole, Tony spreads and tongue-fucks Cat’s pierced pussycat. This gets Cat purring and moaning from the intense pleasure.

Facing the camera, Cat straddles Tony and yanks his crank some more. She leans back, no easy feat in her high heels. Bringing his arm around her body, Tony finger-flicks Cat’s bean quickly, exciting her even more. She licks her fingers and rubs them on his cock, preparing it for entry into her wet chocha.

Cat helps Tony slide his cock in. His shaft parts her pussy lips and begins thrusting in and out as Cat fingers her pierced clit-hood. Fucking Cat slowly at first, Tony speeds it up, Cat adding her own hip moves to their dirty dancing. This Cat is in heat and eager for more.

Happy banging boob year, Miss Bangles!

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Marketa – Two Pricks One Marketa

Two Pricks One Marketa

Two Pricks One Marketa

Marketa was a great catch. Slim, super-stacked and beautiful, she’s one of those hard-to-find naturals who was very open to getting fucked on-camera. If we could find twenty Marketa look-alikes each year, we’d be living on easy street.

In this scene, Marketa was given the steamroller treatment by two eager studs who were anxious to suck her big boobs, dick her mouth and smash her pussy.

Marketa was a teen (just 19) when she started. She was actually trained as a nurse when she started posing for adult photographers. Sometimes the make-up artists gave her a more mature appearance. Marketa once described herself as “The girl next door.”

As we wrote in a 15 Years of SCORE anniversary special, Marketa was built for bra-busting and pipe-laying. She dropped out of sight in 2007 after fucking in over two dozen videos. We don’t know what she’s doing today.

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Kamryn Monroe – Teacher’s Pet

Teacher’s Pet

Teacher's Pet

“I wear a bra all the time except when I go to sleep,” says stunner Kamryn Monroe, a beautiful, totally great and sexy newcomer to XL Girls. “I love sleeping naked.”

“I love to masturbate in the shower,” Miss Monroe tells us. “My massaging showerhead is my best friend.” But Kamryn surprised us when she said that she does not have any sexual fantasies. We thought she’d have a couple dozen juicy fantasies she thinks about while fapping her pretty pink hole and playing with her big 42DDD tits.

“What’s also going to really surprise you is that I’ve never been on a date. No one ever believes me but I haven’t.” What’s up with the dudes in Boston? This luscious girl doesn’t have her phone ringing off the hook?

Please note that Kamryn fingers herself in the photo set and masturbates with a big pink toy in the video.

Prepare to fall in love.

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Lanea Love – Double your pleasure

Double your pleasure

Double your pleasure

Lanea Love only modeled for SCORE. She never shot for any other studio. Other companies looked for her, but they could never find her. She was a 24-year-old, big-boobed, exotic-looking exotic entertainer from Georgia when she contacted SCORE.

This video has a lot of stuff going on. The photographer used a large mirror for some very creative imagery to produce two Laneas. Lanea creamed her chest with a large amount of white lotion and then went over to fap herself on the couch with a huge vibrator. She kept her fuck-heels on the whole time. For guys who get nauseous at the sight of another guy (and there are a lot of them) and love to see busty, pretty young girls masturbate, this is a real go-to video.

Lanea told us she was very precise about her appearance.

“I love to get manicures and pedicures. I like to wear shoes that show off my feet. I have to be groomed. I try not to leave the house unless I look really good–super-casual and comfortable, but like I’m going to be taking pictures. I hate wearing bras, and at home I usually just wear a wife-beater and panties. Guys should look groomed also. I don’t like to see guys dressed like slobs.”

Viewing this scene again, I wondered if Lanea’s big tits have grown since she was here last. It would be nice to find out.

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Alana Lace – Breast of SCORELAND Newcomers 2014

Breast of SCORELAND Newcomers 2014

Breast of SCORELAND Newcomers 2014

There were thirty-three newcomers to SCORELAND in 2014. We would have liked to have included every one of them in this video flashback of 2014 because all of the newcomers are winners and we thank each and every one of them. Based on ratings, number of views, bust size, number of downloads, feedback from various sources and other factors, the list of new babes in this 36 minute video features a dozen delicious and daring damsels. Ten of the twelve did XXX but that wasn’t a deciding factor. Alana Lace, Amy Anderssen, Brook Ultra, Cat Bangles, Harlow Nyx, Liza Biggs, Maya Milano, Mia Khalifa, Olivia Jackson, Red Vixen, Shelby Gibson and Tigerr Benson helped make this year a great one for new arrivals. We look forward to finding and bringing you more busty super-hotties in 2015.

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Brazilian Mamas Video

Brazilian Mamas Video

Brazilian Mamas Video

This is the video version of the photo set Brazilian Mamas. “Mamas” is slang for tits in that great nation, known for football, sensational food, wild partying and amazingly sexy women. Definitely a country that Merilyn would love to visit.

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Kamille Amora – Girl Who Makes You Double Take

Girl Who Makes You Double Take

Girl Who Makes You Double Take

Some girls are so sexy, taking one look at them just isn’t enough. These girls make you double take and darn near break your neck as you confirm that your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Yeah, Kamille Amora is one of those girls who make you believe your eyes are deceiving you. Especially when she’s wearing an outfit like this. Kamille’s denim jumper hugs her curves and can barely contain her I-cup boobs. Kamille is the height of femininity, and she entices instant hard-ons that last so long some would suggest contacting your physician. But for a girl like Kamille, you’ll need that long-lasting wood. She has a sex-drive few men can handle.

“Yeah, I’m a nympho,” Kamille said. “Of course, I love tit-fucking but I’m also into domination. I like when guys take control. I’ve been to a few swingers clubs in Las Vegas, too. Hands running all over me, pussy juice and cum everywhere. It gets me hot just thinking about it.”

Kamille is into boys and girls, and she understandably receives a lot of attention from both sexes. When you look like this, you’ve heard every pickup line in the book…and then some.

“I’ve heard a lot of good ones,” Kamille said. “The funniest one probably was, ‘Girl come over here and hypnotize me with those I’s.’ Referring to my boobs, of course. I couldn’t help but laugh at that one. It was clever.”

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Deanna Baldwin – Brittany Love makes Deanna Baldwin cum

Brittany Love makes Deanna Baldwin cum

Brittany Love makes Deanna Baldwin cum

The backstory behind this scene is that Deanna Baldwin had never cum on camera and didn’t think there was any way Brittany Love could make her.

“None whatsoever,” said Deanna, who sailed on Boob Cruise ’98. “I’d be way too nervous.”

But Deanna didn’t realize she was in the hands of a pussy-eating expert: Georgia babe Brittany Love, who had a way with men and women.

“She’s good,” Deanna said after Brittany did, indeed, make her cum. “I still can’t believe she made me cum. I never thought it would happen. It surprised me because Brittany is very quiet, nice and basically a perfect, proper Southern lady when you get to know her. But in bed, all that changes. She’s a wildcat. Passionate, too. I know she likes men, and I do, too, but I swear, I’d do her any place, anytime, anywhere.”

The second backstory behind this scene is that Brittany and Deanna came to the studio in 2000 for individual photo shoots, but when they met, they asked to do a Bosom Buddies video. We easily arranged that, and Brittany easily made Deanna cum.

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