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Sexy, ass, heels, stockings, long hair, best smile. big tits, long legs, hot long tongue

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Brunette, dance, long hair, tease, lace, legs, fit, great ass, butt, big tits, big boobs, teacher

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I'm blonde with big boobs..slim waist, nice round juicy ass and a sexy face:) Enter my room so i can give you a great time!

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Anna Beck – Beck: Another Name For Massive Tits

Beck: Another Name For Massive Tits

Beck: Another Name For Massive Tits

The “new” Anna Beck. Same Beck greatness. Just much hotter. Anna has a new look. (Compare this to her original shoots.) Raven hair suits her as well as the blonde hair did. The girl is a knock-out. We don’t know what she’s been up to for the past four years. She was sorely missed and it was feared that she had packed up her bras and left the Big Show. And then, like magic, she reappeared and was ready to give it a go again. This time much hotter. She showed her cookie in 2010 but didn’t open it to show the creamy filling, so to speak.

In this pictorial, Anna, looking so good in a tight, low-cut dress, measures herself both dressed and undressed, tries on a selection of European bras. (Anna is a shopping assistant, by the way.) After the bras are examined, worn and commented on, Anna plays with her big boobs and wet pussy. Change is good and even better when it’s change like this? What will be next in store for Anna?

Anna is yet another model who wants to try skydiving. This must be the number one personal goal for most of the models here, second only to doing a boy-girl scene.

When Anna wants to relax, she likes to walk her dog, read books and socialize with a group of friends. She doesn’t think she has any special talents. We respectfully disagree!

See More of Anna Beck at XLGIRLS.COM!

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A tongue-tripper of a word, Makkitotosimew is an Algonquin tribe name meaning “she has large breasts.” Years ago, velvet paintings of sexy native American maidens gathering river water by moonlight were a popular decoration in homes in the United States. Imagine Ines as one such maiden waiting for you in her tee-pee. You’d have a tent pole. However, don’t get Ines angry because she’ll scalp you with a steak knife! Yes, even the gentle Ines Cudna can go on the warpath when she gets jealous if you make the mistake of looking at another beauty.

See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!

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Morgan Leigh – Jackumentary: Morgan Leigh

Jackumentary: Morgan Leigh

Jackumentary: Morgan Leigh

SCORELAND honors Morgan Leigh, a slinky blonde British girl from Edinburgh who took to the SCORE way during Boob Cruise 2000 where she was a passenger. So inspired by the models she met, Morgan decided to become a SCORE covergirl herself and accomplished her goal and more.

We look back at now-retired Morgan’s activities in this special video such as her SCOREtv appearance, her only Tits & Tugs, her various videos, trying on tops with Summer Sinn, her chats and more. It would take a seven hour mini-series to include everything this popular and bubbly Scot did.

“The Boob Cruise changed my life quite literally. I gave up a career in the food industry and became a model and a dancer. I did a lot of modeling in Europe both professionally and for amateur photographers before I reconnected with SCORE. I danced in a number of clubs in the UK also. Being in SCORE was a goal since ‘I saw the light’ on the Cruise.”

“People are fascinated about my boobs. They are quite a talking point with a lot of people. They have also given me loads of opportunities. The main thing is they are perfect and the way I wanted them. I love them. They’re big and very round, giving me the Barbie figure I want.”

“Having been a spokesmodel with both Daphne Rosen and Danielle Derek at the SCORE exhibit in Las Vegas in 2007 during the Adult Video Expo, I would have loved to pose with both of them again. It would have also been fun to have done something with one of the models from the Boob Cruise, if they remembered me.”

“I loved playing with myself on-camera. I loved going out on-location. I loved people watching me. It gives me an extra thrill to know that I’m being watched. I think every model has to be a little bit of an exhibitionist. We’re showing off our bodies for the entire world to see! That takes courage! So all I can say to the guys at home is encourage the girls, don’t discourage them.”

See More of Morgan Leigh at SCORELAND.COM!

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Valory, a hotel room & you

Valory, a hotel room & you

Valory, a hotel room & you

The room is ready and Valory Irene is waiting to put on a special show.

Wearing a black bodysuit and fuck-me shoes, Valory feels her soft pussy, exposed by the open crotch of this sexy outfit. She can’t keep her hands off her big boobs.

Until SCORE discovered Valory, she was a regular girl working as a manager at an Internet company in Ukraine. Now she is known around the world.

As she plays with her clit, Valory reflects on the path she has followed, from a girl with a routine job living with her family to becoming an international big-bust star in magazines and videos in only a few months.

Valory begins to insert her middle finger into her wet snatch (what’s the word in Ukraine?) and rubs the sugar walls of her pussy, tickling her clitoris and speeding up her strokes.

“Several times, I had dreamed about being a model like this, and my dream came true!” Valory told us. “My favorite part is makeup, changing into different clothes, wearing different clothes. Everything. I like what I am doing.”

At first, Valory’s English was passable. Now, a few years later, it’s excellent. She studies languages in her spare time. When we went to the Dominican Republic for SCORE On Location, she was Sha Rizel’s translator.

“When I am on the street and anywhere I go, a lot of guys look at me and look at my boobs. I like to wear sexy clothes but not too sexy. It is not always safe to walk around not wearing much clothing where I live, but I like tops with deep cleavage. It can be a dress or a shirt with a short skirt. Or a skirt to the knees. It depends on my mood.”

Valory won 2011 SCORE Newcomer of the Year and followed up with 2012 Model of the Year. If the SCORE Girls of the 1990s were represented by the mega-boobed girls (SaRenna Lee, Traci Topps, Minka and many more), Valory is the naturally slim and stacked girl who personifies contemporary SCORE.

See More of Valory Irene at SCORELAND2.COM!

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Desiree – Spread Formation

Spread Formation

Spread Formation

“When I am out, I always have a bra on because they need support. Because I don’t have anyone to hold them up for me.” We know Desiree has plenty of volunteers for that. Including refs, coaches and assistant coaches.

Desiree did track and field for six years in school. Desiree may be the bustiest football player ever seen in the game. She really knows how to handle a ball. Desiree is many cup sizes over those lingerie football girls and when we say cup, we don’t mean athletic supporter although Desiree is a great supporter of the New York Yankees and the New York Giants.

We would never put Desiree on the sidelines. We would bench her but not that kind of benching. Putting her over a bench and blitzing her is the goal.

Desiree almost became a cop in New York City. She changed her mind but she still busts guys, in a good way. (One of these days we should do a policewoman shoot with her.)

See More of Desiree at SCORELAND.COM!

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – New Hairdo

New Hairdo

New Hairdo

In that sugary-sweet Brit accent, Linsey once said that this particular pictorial was done by request. All right, so I know that this shoot was “by request.” A curious choice. Very domesticated. Very hausfrau. Where’s the sexy stuff that makes me want to bust a big nut? I mean, this is how guys see their wives or girlfriends everyday at home. Hair in curlers. Little white socks. Lil’ piggy pajamas. Then again, how many of us have babes with a body like hers? Answer: no one. Linsey herself said in a phone call that she never would have guessed that anyone would have wanted this kind of shoot. She thought maybe a couple of pictures like this in her scrapbook might work, but a complete set? But apparently something about it later intrigued LDM, so that’s the one she decided to do. Looking at these pictures carefully, the boner-making fantasies start to emerge. The waking up in pajamas. Stripping off to that wonderful bra. Getting completely naked. Ending it by cuddling under the covers. Wouldn’t lazy Sundays be the best, alone like this with Linsey? Throw in some take-out and a couple of movies on television. You can almost smell the hair stuff Linsey sprayed on those rollers. A fresh, clean, womanly scent. Well, I’m still not 100% convinced. I’d still rather see Linsey wearing an extreme bikini and fuck shoes, getting oily and wet!

Elliot James
SCORE Magazine

Miami, Florida

See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!

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Barbara Angel – New Discovery

New Discovery

New Discovery

Meet Barbara Angel. She’s never modeled before. She wanted to and looked at some options. Then she found TSG on the net and sent over some snaps. One look was all it took and it wasn’t long before one of our guys was packing his camera bags.

Barbara lives in the Czech Republic, one of the smallest countries with the biggest number of big-boobed models. At least it seems that way. Barbara wears a 32G-cup bra in US size and she says she has to buy her bras from specialty stores. She can easily suck her own nipples and does it in her video. Barbara has what many breast men favor: blue-veined, creamy white breast skin. Her areolae are very wide and her nipples are big. Her boob shape from all angles is also impressive with a beautiful slop and hang, ending about two inches from her belly button.

For a new model, Barbara was able to get into some very challenging positions such as hanging backwards off the couch, back and head on the floor with her legs spread wide. Her gymnastics training made it easy for her.

Barbara’s tits look great in tank tops. The proof is in the pictures and videos.

See More of Barbara Angel at SCORELAND.COM!

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