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Roxee Robinson – The Big Bodacious Boob Bonus Bonanza

The Big Bodacious Boob Bonus Bonanza

The Big Bodacious Boob Bonus Bonanza

In this Bonus video, Roxee Robinson measures her big double-H boobs with a tape. It’s in centimeters (Canada uses both metric and imperial systems) and Roxee’s bare boobs turn out to be 177 cm (46 inches). How mouthwatering is that? Roxee’s areolae measure 7 cm (2.7 inches).

Roxee talks about her boob beginnings and how she would like you to treat those flesh-pillows. She loves having them massaged, and she demonstrates. Roxee also talks about toys–she loves them–and what types of toys she likes.

Roxee has a very sexy voice. Phone sex has been largely replaced by web chats. Even so, Roxee could make a guy cum just by talking to him and whispering in his ear. Thanks for the big bodacious boob show, Roxee!

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Roxi Red – A League Of Her Own

A League Of Her Own

A League Of Her Own

The unbelievable Roxi Red takes a break from her desk work to give SCORELAND guys more of her incredible naturals and enough tit play to last…well, until her next appearance. Roxi is like a drug. Very habit forming. But one that’s good for ya and good for her too. Who can get emough Roxi?

“I get turned-on watching myself when I play my videos,” says Roxi. “Sometimes I’ll watch them with a guy too. They can get crazy.”

Roxi is in a league of her own. She has slim arms and legs and a trim body. What naturals with proportions like this even come close to Roxi for sheer breast size?

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Let’s Play Doctor

Let’s Play Doctor

Let's Play Doctor

Experiencing stiffness and rigidity? No worries, mates. Linsey Dawn has the right cure for hardening of the man gland. The doctor is in and the doctor is Linsey. Here’s why the British health care system is the best in the world. You know the drill. Cough! Now watch as she opens up and says, “Aaaaaahhhhh.” With Linsey administering this examination, she can make you this promise: You’ll not need a prescription for Viagra or Cialis or any of those new fancy medications. Whatever ails you, if Linsey Dawn can’t cure it, she can, at the very least, make you forget about it for a while. We can picture a weekly television show out of this: “Dr. McKenzie, Medicine Woman.”

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Christy Marks – Home Sweet Bone

Home Sweet Bone

Home Sweet Bone

If you ever have Christy over, here is our advice to you: Don’t leave her alone in your home. Why? Because when you return, your entire house will look like it has been fucked in. And we do mean your entire house. That is exactly what happened when Christy moved into the SCORE house for the summer. The first thing she did when she got there was invite over one of her porn fuck-buddies and proceed to fuck all over the house. That’s right. On every surface, in every room and she proceeded to break and trash everything that got in her way. We should have been mad, but how can you be mad at Christy for being Christy? Trying to stop her libido is like trying to stop a tornado. Ain’t gonna happen, so just sit back and be blown away by this little force of nature.

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Kelly Kay – Plastic Plaything

Plastic Plaything

Plastic Plaything

There’s nothing a girl likes better than a big, hard cock, but enterprising Kelly can make do when she hasn’t got a man handy. Her hands are helpful in scratching her horny itch, yes, but a plastic sex toy really does the trick!

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Mia Sweetheart – Soft Curves

Soft Curves

Soft Curves

Juicy webcam girl Mia Sweetheart is back to have some naughty fun and rock your world in her second XL Girls scene. A friend of Roxanne Miller, Mia likes to spend time with her girlfriends, go to the movies, dance and shop. “Roxanne is a very special girl and we have modeled together,” Mia said.

“If it is nice and warm outside, I like to wear T-shirts when I go out and want to attract attention,” says Mia who does that very thing with her plump buns and HH-sized boobs. “I always wear a bra. When I am home, I wear very little. Sometimes I am naked around the house.”

Mia likes to go out on dates that are relaxed and fun. “I don’t really get pick-up lines,” says Mia. “I’m a single girl. I like to have a good time and laugh and enjoy my date’s company. And I am a passionate kisser.”

XLGirls: Mia, what do your fans ask you to do the most on-cam?

Mia: Ride my dildo so they can see my boobs bounce.

XLGirls: Do you find yourself touching your boobs without thinking about it?

Mia: [Ha-ha!] I do it all the time!

XLGirls: If you could choose any word or sentence printed on your T-shirt, what would it be?

Mia: I already have two T-shirts that have the best words on them.

One says, “Fluffy girls cuddle better.”

Second one says, “Fat people are hard to kidnap.”

My fav T-shirts [Hee-hee!]

XLGirls: If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?

Mia: The 1st: for me and my family to be always healthy.

The 2nd: to find nicer, hotter bras in my size.

The 3rd is for The Walking Dead TV show not to have such a long break between seasons. [Hee-hee-hee!] I am silly, aren’t I?

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Lorna Morgan – Jackumentary Lorna Morgan

Jackumentary Lorna Morgan

Jackumentary Lorna Morgan

For admirers of the naturally voluptuous woman, Lorna Morgan’s well-endowed figure represents perfection. Lorna believes in “classic” nude modeling, so the Lorna of 1999 posed the same way years later. Said Lorna, “I think I would just be really bad at hardcore because I would just laugh all the way through. It would be no good. It would not be sexy. I’m telling you, you don’t want to see me doing anything like that!”

Lorna was one of the leaders in the British invasion of the big-boob world in the late 1990’s. The “Fab Four” (Lorna, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Kerry Marie and Jessica Turner) took over the newsstands and the rapidly growing early internet, heralding the re-emergence of the super-naturals.

Over the years, Lorna filmed in England, Portugal, the Florida Keys and Eleuthera Island, The Bahamas, and island-hopped on Boob Cruise 2000. She also posed pregnant twice. Lorna is a role-model for many girls, including one of her most ardent fans, Australia’s Angela White, her roommate during the filming of Big Boob Paradise.

Countless letters and emails have poured into the offices since Lorna first appeared in TSG magazines. Her girl-next-door looks and happy personality endear her to readers, DVD collectors and web-users.

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Lucy – Polish brickhouse

Polish brickhouse

Polish brickhouse

Meet Lucy, a Polish model we met on our “On Location Munich” trip to Germany in 2008. Lucy was operating a tanning salon when she found our ad on the Internet. She sent us some test shots, and we told her to meet us in Deutschland.

Lucy made her SCORELAND debut by fucking, which is always a nice thing. That reminds me a little of a few of the SCORE Girls who’ve told me they like to fuck before the first date. The idea is that you get it out of the way, dispose of the pretense, so you can enjoy the rest of the date without thinking about whether you’re going to get any. You already did!

In her limited English, Lucy told us she had been fascinated by the idea of appearing in a big-boob magazine and website for a long time. Finally, she decided to take the plunge.

She also told us that she likes swimming, reading and soccer. A full body massage including finger play in her pussy is her favorite kind of foreplay.

“My fantasy one day is to have sex with two guys,” Lucy said. “I am woman enough for two men!”

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Harmony Heart – Busty Bikini Bimbo Bash

Busty Bikini Bimbo Bash

Busty Bikini Bimbo Bash

Here’s Harmony Heart, a hot, heavy-hootered honey who should have kept the momentum going but she only did a few scenes and that was it. This was one of two that she did. It wasn’t just her face and body. Harmony had a lot of sex appeal.

“I didn’t know I was so good at giving blowjobs,” said Harmony. “He [SCORE stud Colton] said to me that he’d done lots of scenes with porn stars but that no one had sucked his cock as good as I did. That made me feel really good. I’ve watched a lot of porn. Being told that I rated so high compared to them made me feel proud.

“I’ve always been very oral. I love giving head. Every guy is different. Some guys get off best when I lick the head. Some guys like hard suction while I squeeze their balls in an upward motion… like to push the cum out. Some guys just lay there. Some guys like to hold my head. Other guys like to see my eyes with my mouth stuffed with their cocks. Every guy I meet likes his dick sucked in a different way.”

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Chloe Vevrier – Cheerleader



Let’s face it. There are NO cheerleaders stacked like Chloe. None. It would take 50 to 75 real-life cheerleaders combined to match the boob mass that Chloe packs. So this is a true fantasy. Does Germany even have cheerleaders? Anyone know? Damned straight they have beermaids. But pro sports-style pom-pom girls? This U.S. pictorial was shot by SCORE lenser Peter Wall in Florida. Fortunately, it was a quiet day. No nosey neighbors around to poke and peer through the fence in the backyard. Chloe was in tit-top prime condition when this was produced. Her asscheeks are tight, her legs are taut and shapely and her tummy is flat. So anyway, you’re the head coach. You’re somehow auditioning new cheerleaders. After Chloe shakes her pom-poms at you and demonstrates her moves, her hungry mouth sucks your aching balls dry. Good fantasy.

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Desirae – Stacked In The Sunshine

Stacked In The Sunshine

Stacked In The Sunshine

We love a great big set of knockers in the great outdoors. That is why we took Desirae on location to a mansion in Miami and let her roam around the grounds naked and horny. Being that it was the first shoot she did outside of the confines of our state of the art studio, you can imagine how excited she was! “These pictures were taken my first day shooting away from the studio and with a new photographer. The weather was perfect for this shoot! It was nice and sunny, although by end of the day I needed to cool myself off by using the watering bucket. Feeling the cool water run down my body was very refreshing and fun. They caught that on camera, so see for yourself. I hope you enjoy these shots of me in the garden!”

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Lust In The Limo

Lust In The Limo

Lust In The Limo

Here is something almost unbelievable: Rich guys with millions of dollars need to hire hookers to get some action. (Yeah, cause the fact that they are rich just doesn’t cut it with your average gold-digging slut. They have to pay for sex.) But, we are not going to argue with that since most chicks believe this to be true thanks to the magic of the movie “Pretty Woman”. So in an effort to keep up that Cinderella-esque ideal that if a girl is pretty and charming enough, it overshadows the fact that she blows many, many cocks for money and a rich guy will save her from the streets. Let’s pretend that Kianna Dior is a hooker with a heart of gold who merits some rescuing. Kianna comes across a rich guy who has a limo that he is willing to let her rest her tired tootsies in. (It’s rough pounding the pavement and getting your pussy pounded, too.) So, being the overly grateful streetwalker that she is, Kianna decides to show him her gratitude with the only thing she has to offer a rich guy…her hooker pussy. Does he decide to whisk her away from all things hooker-like because of her prime, horny, pink clam and righteous cock-sucking skills? Hell, no! This isn’t the movies. What he does do is promise her that he will be back next week for another romp in the limo with her. Hey, he didn’t take her off the streets, but at least he is giving her a steady income, or rather cumming in her a lot.

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Tiffany & Stacy: Tit to Tit, Slit to Slit

Tiffany & Stacy: Tit to Tit, Slit to Slit

Tiffany & Stacy: Tit to Tit, Slit to Slit

We receive many letters asking whether the girls who are featured in our girl-girl pictorials are “lesbians.” So we put the question to the stars of this layout, Tiffany Towers and Staci Vaughn. They looked surprised, and quickly answered, “No way!” It seems Tiffany and Staci prefer men for their sexual partners and only enjoy a bisexual fling when, “the right girl comes along.” Sometimes a model will flatly refuse to pose with another girl. Other times, a model may consent to a photo session with another woman, but the pictures will be disappointing, revealing her reluctance to really get into it. Well, you don’t have to be an expert to see that wasn’t the case with Tiff and Staci.

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