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Roxanne Miller – Busty Fantasy Girl

Busty Fantasy Girl

Busty Fantasy Girl

Bright, bouncy and well-read, Roxanne Miller is at the forefront of a new generation of busty English-speaking Romanian girls who have discovered the world of hot modeling for magazines, DVDs and web-cams. Roxanne debuted in December ’12 Voluptuous magazine.

Do you need a bra fitting or can you buy bras off the rack?

Roxanne: I order them from the UK. The biggest cup in Romania is the E cup. And I am spilling out of the GGs I have. I’ll get an H on the next order.

When you go out, do you dress to emphasize your breasts, or not? What do you wear on a regular day?

Roxanne: Whatever I wear emphasizes my breasts. Last time in a pub I had a see-through blouse with a sexy pair of leather leggings and army boots. I usually dress like a glam-rock sexy lady. Leather jacket, black tight tank-top, short jeans, skinny jeans or short skirt, black pantyhose and boots. And the cleavage is never missing.

What position do you sleep in and why?

Roxanne: I fall asleep on my belly with the head to the right. It’s sooooo comfortable. The rest of the night I don’t know what I do! You can cut wood on me and I won’t wake up. But if you touch me in-between my legs, I’ll take my panties down and practically invite you inside of me. I wake-up, feel good and then I sleep even better. Hee-hee-hee…

When you’re trying on a bra, what do you do to test whether it’s going to fit right?

Roxanne: First is the back strap. If it’s loose it won’t be okay for the back. If it’s too tight it’s not okay either, cause you need to breathe. Then the cup should contain all the tit without pushing it in and pretending to be a good size. The breasts should stay relaxed in the bra and the middle of the bra should stay on the breastbone. There have been some research that have shown that a bra that’s not the right size can cause trauma to the breasts.

How long does a bra last you before you throw it out?

Roxanne: I don’t throw them out, I might use them for photo shoots or when I go on-line. I ruined two bras in six months. I don’t wear bras when I am at home.

Thank you, Roxanne.

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Eva Angelina, Christian XXX

Eva was sitting on a bench chatting on her phone when she was proposition by our guy posing as a stock broker. He promised her an education on making money, so she followed him back to his apartment for her first lesson. Watch as she teaches him about the delicate art of the blowjob, before opening her legs for a serious banging.

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Kerry Marie – Spider Girl

Spider Girl

Spider Girl

When Busty Kerry Marie Volume 1 was released to video rental stores in the USA and Canada in 2006, it meant that many Americans who never saw or heard of this sexy, succulent delight now discovered her. This massive exposure meant even greater recognition of Kerry’s charms. Kerry never made it to an American video conventions but if she had, she would have had a few thousand guys tripping all over themselves to take her picture.

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Daylene Rio – The Shower Cam

The Shower Cam

The Shower Cam

Strictly for educational purposes, our candid cleavage camera follows Daylene Rio into the model’s dressing room shower. Watching Daylene soap and rinse her big boobs and ass could be habit forming. “I masturbate a lot in the shower at home,” Daylene says. “I also masturbate before I go to sleep.”

Daylene (Xxxtreme Daylene on DVD) loves to cook, travel, shop and work-out.
The first time she had sex was with a woman, not a man. “My favorite position is me on top because I love taking control. I like lots of foreplay and kissing and having my pussy licked. My sexual fantasy is to fuck somewhere in Dodger Stadium.” Daylene doesn’t specify if the stadium should be open or closed when she’s getting this grand slam.

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Daylene Rio – Tits In Tight Clothing

Tits In Tight Clothing

Tits In Tight Clothing

The one and only Daylene Rio opens her suitcase and tries on some of the sexy dresses, tops and underwear she’s brought over to SCORE. This brunette smoker with 46-inch tits is a human candy bar and should have hot wrappers. That she knows.

“I never wear a bra when I go to a night club or when I go to bed,” says Daylene who currently wears a 36H-cup bra “I mostly wear a bra when I go to the gym and work-out. I buy all kinds of bras as long as they look sexy. I love to show my cleavage. I feel like a real woman when I do. I love the attention, of course. I get lots of attention because of my boobs and I love it.”

Last year’s Hardcore Performer of the Year at SCORE. Daylene knows what guys love and knows how to make them cum hard.

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Daylene Rio – The Shock Bra

The Shock Bra

The Shock Bra

The latest accessory for girls with big boobs, and in Daylene Rio’s case, huge boobs, the Shock Bra guarantees hot chicks complete protection from street corner playboys and pick-up artists who get handsy.

Our charming and superbly proportioned hostess Daylene Rio demonstrates the Shock Bra by putting it on over a tiny sweater and going for a walk.

The Shock Bra. Developed after years of research at SCORE. Not sold in stores.

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Wife of a <i>SCORELAND</i> member

Wife of a SCORELAND member

Wife of a SCORELAND member

Elaina Gregory has natural 34N-cup tits. That’s no typo. 34-N and natural big boobs.

Girls like Elaina are almost impossible to find because they’re not looking for professional modeling careers. They’re not public people. They’re posing naked for a fling and for a life experience. They’re fulfilling a fantasy.

Elaina’s not a dancer, a nudist, a swinger, or even a bathroom mirror model posting smartphone photos on a social network site for kicks. Elaina is an Army veteran and was brought up as a nice Catholic girl by a strict family.

Her husband, also an Army vet, is a SCORELAND subscriber. He inspired Elaina to pose.

“He began to realize that I enjoyed having my picture taken in the bedroom, so he told me that I could have fun and make good money by coming to pose for you guys,” Elaina told us. “He told me that maybe I should check you guys out online, and I did. I liked what I saw and then I called you. I figured that it might be nice to get away from being a housewife for a few days and come here to shoot. And I was right. It is a lot of fun!”

So much fun that she came back. Elaina even did a Tits & Tugs scene with a total stranger. Now that’s a liberal husband, letting a stranger pop his nuts all over his wife’s incredible tits after she jerks him and tit-fucks him. That’s generosity.

I was sorry to learn that Elaina recently retired from modeling.

“I had my fun and it was great,” she said. “I loved seeing my sets in Voluptuous magazine and seeing the videos on DVDs. I was pretty good, wasn’t I?”

More than pretty good. She has a pair of the greatest tits, and I will never forget them. They make me want to think deep thoughts every time I look at them.

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Victoria Sky – Interracial Ass Fucking

Interracial Ass Fucking

Interracial Ass Fucking

Victoria Sky is a horny little nasty girl with a dirty mind. Just the kind that makes this world a better place. She has a boyfriend who didn’t mind his girl getting her asshole reamed by a dude with a giant black dick. As for Victoria, she got off way before her butt was drilled when he fucked her pussy like a ramrod.

When Victoria is given the once over before her sex date arrives, our cameraman notices her legs, ass and tits and comments favorably about them. She is happy to be sprawled out on the bed and showing herself off in sexy lingerie, stockings and high heels. Victoria says that she loves big boobs and playing with other girls’ tits. “Do you want me to flash you?” Victoria asks with a big smile. Why not? Tits are us.

Her fuck call arrives and gets to work on Victoria, sucking and fingering her pussy and playing with her ass. She gets naked, gets on her knees on the bed in a doggie position and starts jacking and sucking his long dick. Cock in hand, she turns to the camera and says “Damn” with a surprised look on her face, shocked by his size. Fortunately, she doesn’t turn chicken and beg off. Victoria’s going to take that python in her butthole? This we gotta see.

For starters, Victoria squats over him and lowers her pussy until it’s filled with man-meat. She bounces rapidly. This girl likes to fuck and fuck hard. She slams down on it and grinds then flips around to fuck him in a cowgirl ride. He holds her ass cheeks steady and drills her fast while she’s on top. That gets her crazy.

He turns Victoria around and fucks her pussy some more in a side-saddle. Now for the hole of the ass. Wetting Miss Sky’s ass-pipe, he slowly slides it in carefully. Once most of it is inside her ass, he ramps up the drilling speed and fucks it good.

Victoria maneuvers into a doggie pose and her ass-fuck man pistons her from behind, faster and faster. Looking dazed, she pulls on one ass cheek for better penetration. The grip of Victoria’s tight tush-hole on his cock accelerates his blast-off. He can’t hold back.

Pulling out, he shellacs her buttocks with his nut-sauce. Victoria rubs his mess into her butt skin and some on her left boob. “I like it. This is the best fuck in my ass I ever had,” Victoria says to the camera. Wonder what her boyfriend will say after he hears this comment. Hopefully, love will keep them together.

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Bri Love – Call of the Booty

Call of the Booty

Call of the Booty

Prepare for a major moment in Bri Love’s young life. Bri’s first analyzing!

Shyest of the shy. The most bashful and most quiet girl ever to visit XL Girls.

Bri Love had never modeled before she came to XL Girls. She has moved quickly for such a shy babe. From nude modeling to masturbation to her first full-on hardcore and now to her first anal sexing. It’s the Call of the Booty for this sweet, down-home girl, so young and tender. Sex will have sex. The more a girl gets, the more she wants.

Bri waits for her ass-fuck expert Rocky to appear. He’ll be taking good care of Bri. Sitting on a couch, she rubs her pussy in anticipation, her big boobs ready to spill out of her teddy. Rocky watches. He moves in and takes over, rubbing Bri’s clit and snatch. Sucking her nipples and squeezing her girls.

Rocky is the second porn stud in Bri’s life. Her virgin pussy was taken by Tony. Rocky will take Bri’s virgin butthole. She has never met studs like them back home. First, Rocky must prepare Bri. Train her. He feeds her his bone and Bri is eager to give him a hot blow job.

Spreading out on the couch, Bri squeezes her heavy hills together so Rocky can tit-fuck her. Tit-fucking was a new experience for her. Now she can practice more tit-fucking (and everything else about sex she’s learned) back home.

Bri’s soft jugs are heated up by the friction of Rocky’s tit-sliding. Now it’s time to heat up her pink honey-pie. She gasps when his sausage penetrates her pussy. Soon it will be the right moment to enter her young ass and fuck it good.

Rocky enters Bri’s ass, building up from slow and easy to hard and fast. He holdS her by the hair and whispers words of encouragement. Bri’s cries fill the room. The feeling of cock fucking her ass is new to her. Bri gets louder and louder as her butt is drilled, each thrust punctuated by a scream. She looks to Rocky for guidance and assurance. Not to worry. Bri’s ass is in good hands.

The Call of the Booty is strong. There’s a first time for everything. This was Bri’s first time.

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Suga Squirtz – Best of Feed Her Fuck Her

Best of Feed Her Fuck Her

Best of Feed Her Fuck Her

The holiday breastfest “Best of Feed Her Fuck Her” compiles four of the hottest scenes selected by TSG editors. Starring Allysa Andrews and Kandi Kobain at the gym feasting on donuts and dick; Rikki Waters having Chinese take-in and cock; Selena Castro making tacos for her man before he fills her taco and Suga Squirtz having a foot-long before tackling eight-inches. Food and sex go like a hot dog and a bun. The Feed Her Fuck Her videos prove this philosophy. Tits the season.

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Work Of Art

Work Of Art

Work Of Art

“Happy Birthday (August 7) to my all-time favorite model. I have a list of many favorites but you are at the top as you have been for almost ten years. (Wow! Ten years!) I hope you enjoy your day.”-Nick.

“Happy Birthday and best wishes for the future.”-Martin.

“Happy Birthday, Linsey Dawn McKenzie“-Ryan.

“Dear Linsey, I just can’t put into words how hot you are. Your latest set, Bra-palooza, is one of the best yet; the outfit you have on looks like something you might wear out clubbing, to pull some lucky guy… like me! The shot of you with your fingers in your pussy, your nipples so hard and your mouth open as if you’re waiting for a guy to slide his cock into it, was one of the hottest erotic images I’ve ever seen. I hope you’ll soon be releasing more hardcore scenes on DVD. A new Linsey video is a big event, which makes it much hornier than those run of the mill porn stars who make a new video every day. You’re the greatest. Much love, Dave.”

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Angel Wicky – Angel & The Bad Men

Angel & The Bad Men

Angel & The Bad Men

It’s obvious that Angel Wicky is a good girl. You saw this in her first video. She’s bubbly and has that unique European approach to sex as something very natural that should be enjoyed as much as possible. Proud of her body, she looks absolutely incredible in tight clothing. There are not many girls who start off with a double penetration!

Even in the presence of these bad men, Angel knows how to take things in hand. Like their hard dicks. No guy needs boner pills with a girl as built and as beautiful as this Angel who is ready to fuck. She loves sex; one of the reasons she wanted to become a hot model.

Angel says she’s an assertive girl but she can switch to submissive when the situation is right. When the two guys show up to examine a painting that art dealer Angel wants to sell, she shows her submissive side. They skip the lengthy formalities and double-team Angel, sucking on her perky nipples.

Angel’s big boobs are gorgeous. The nipple sucking sends waves of pleasure tingling through her body. She drops to her knees as the horny bastards drop their pants. Taking a cock in each hand, Angel opens her mouth and engulfs their shafts. She jerks one when she’s sucking the other and vice versa.

Tom fucks the beauty from behind while she sucks and tit-fucks Jay. The feel of her mouth and pussy is heavenly. Well, she is an Angel. Jay sits down and Angel lowers herself over his pole. Not in her pussy but in her asshole. Tom comes over after Angel’s ass is full of cock and penetrates her pussy to the hilt. The double-penetration pumping of Angel Wicky begins and it’s only just begun.

“I like anal play but it’s better in a DP,” Angel said, which is an opinion that German porn star Annina also has shared.

There are terrific close-ups and angles of Angel’s deep double-penetration and close-ups of Angel getting large loads of cum in her mouth and face. These two dudes must have been saving their nuts for this busty Angel.

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Dallas Dixon – Dallas Dixon in heat

Dallas Dixon in heat

Dallas Dixon in heat

One of the great trends over the past five or 10 years has been the number of stacked SCORE and V-Girls who are readers’ wives. There was a time, back in the 1990s and early 2000s, when we wouldn’t even mention if a girl had a boyfriend or husband because we didn’t want to spoil the fantasy of the girl being untouched or available. But then (and I think this came with the popularity of MILFs, although most of the girls I’m referring to are not over-40), men started to become excited about the idea of seeing someone else’s wife or girlfriend.

I’m with those guys. I’ve never fantasized about marrying or going out with a SCORE or V-Girl, just fucking her or jacking to her. That’s enough for me. And if I’m looking at someone else’s girl? Even better.

Dallas Dixon walked into our studio for the first time in late 2007. Dallas was a hotel employee, her husband was a reader and he was all-in on the idea of his wife showing her goodies for all the world to see. And he was perfectly fine with her banging our porn studs. In fact, he loved the idea. He’s one of those guys who doesn’t want to fuck other girls but does want to see his sexy, busty wife fucking other guys.

“He really got off on the idea,” said Dallas, whose heavy hangers look especially enticing when she’s getting fucked from behind. “We watched this scene together after I got home. He was hard immediately. I thought he was going to cum before I even got his cock in my mouth. Every time I looked up from sucking his cock, he had his eye on the computer monitor. He told me how much he liked getting sucked off by me while he was watching me sucking off someone else.”

Different strokes for different folks. Me? I’d have my eyes on the Dallas in front of me the whole time. But I’m glad Mr. Dixon was willing to share his wife with us. We need more men like him…as long as they have wives like Dallas.

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