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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – All Tied Up

All Tied Up

All Tied Up

This week Linsey Dawn experiences the helplessness of restraint and bondage in a set with a basic, bare background without furniture or bric-a-brac that lets the viewer focus just on her. She also does some terrific, unique poses and positions. “Not being able to use your hands limits your control,” Linsey said. “All women fancy feeling like a damsel in distress every so often.” True enough. Linsey looks great bound and gagged. Too bad they don’t publish those kinky detective magazines anymore. Too bad the British and Canadian censors won’t let us print bondage pix in magazines. Linsey would look great bound and gagged on a cover.

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Alyssa Lynn – From Nurse To Porn Star

From Nurse To Porn Star

From Nurse To Porn Star

Pole dancer Alyssa Lynn’s first XXX scene at SCORELAND was an action-packed thrilla. Alyssa deep-throated the beef and at one point was fucked standing up. The Philadelphia native has a definite aptitude for hot porn sex.

Alyssa was a registered nurse before changing direction. A hospital stay would have been worth it if it meant sponge baths by her twice a day. (“I’m still licensed. I can go back to it,” Alyssa says.) She’s now ready to conquer porn land.

Alyssa talked about her background and what led her from college to nursing… to stripping… to blue movies.

“I was very lazy in high school. I was a cheerleader and all that stuff. When I became a senior I realized I had to step it up a notch. I had a boyfriend who told me what to do, so then I went to St. Joe’s University for a while. I originally wanted to be a cop, but that school didn’t have that major and so I switched and got my nursing license.”

“I used to run a lot so I was really thin. When I was in nursing school, I’d run 13 miles a day in the morning. I knew I was never going to have big boobs. Before my boob job, it wasn’t like I was showing off anything because there was nothing to show off. I felt more like a woman after my boob job. I had to buy new bras. Before, I wasn’t wearing any at all. Now I’m a 28H. That’s where I want to stay. I can’t go any bigger. Physically, it might look a little outrageous if I did.”

“My one problem is running. I can’t run anymore. I’d have to wear three sports bras to try. Maybe I’m not used to the bouncing. I weigh about 115. I’m five-three.”

Alyssa returns in another XXX scene coming soon.

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Lily Madison – English Flower

English Flower

English Flower

“Guys always say, ‘I love it when you squeeze your boobs. You don’t even notice you’re doing it,'” says Lily Madison. This phenomenon of girls subconsciously touching, lifting up and adjusting their tits has been noted for many years at SCORE. Further research is needed.

Lily’s sheer negligee is just the right outfit for a sleep-over or a sorority slumber party. (“My favorite thing to dress up as is a sailor or a schoolgirl.”) After slowly undressing to her stockings and heels, Lily enjoys her big boobs and her pink pussy enjoys the nerve-tingling touch of her fingers. She makes one of the prettiest cum-faces at SCORELAND.

Lily was the bustiest girl in her school and being slim accentuated her big natural boobs even more. “The only sports I would do were ping-pong and trampolining. My mum wrote a note for me to get out of everything else.” No doubt the male faculty and her male classmates were very disappointed.

Lily’s favorite kind of dates are going for a drive and going to the zoo or the aquarium. She also likes to go ice skating. The image of her skating in a super-tight sweater and micro-skirt does not leave a guy cold.

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Olivia Austin, Mike Hunt

Racing against time to complete his large tit calendar, Mike’s assistant, Olivia Austin offers up her own jumbo boobs for his use! After flashing her perfect tits in his Ferrari, Mike decides she makes the cut and they race back to his studio to take some erotic photos. During the photoshoot, things get hot and heavy and Olivia starts probing her perfect little cooche. Mike can’t help but get hard and next thing ya know, he’s full-on plowing her doggy-style! Olivia is SO tight that Mike doesn’t give a shit and busts a hot load of jizz right inside of her! Classic creampie!

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<b>Daylene goes deep</b>

Daylene goes deep

Daylene goes deep

Daylene Rio, one of my favorite SCORE Girls, has been a frequent returnee at SCORELAND2, and this scene is one of her best. I say that because in this scene, Daylene really treats the cock right, getting as much of it into her mouth as possible and slobbering all over it, and it’s not because the cock is small, because it isn’t. It’s Tony D.’s long, thick, curved cock, and Daylene seems to take its size as a challenge. I don’t know. I didn’t ask her. I should have.

Daylene wasn’t always a great cock sucker. I know that sounds like heresy, but it’s true. You look at a woman like Daylene–busty, big-assed, Latina, big lips–and you expect a girl who’s going to go vacuum on a cock, but she wasn’t that way for a long time. She was a good cock sucker, but it took a while for her to really suck cock as if she loved it. Here, she uses her mouth, her hands and her big tits to best advantage, and good stuff happens.

“Guys have told me that they wished their women were like me,” Daylene once said. But, as Elliot pointed out, there aren’t many women like her. Especially now that she’s so good at sucking cock.

“I never wait for a guy to make his move. I have sex whenever I’m horny, and that’s a lot. I wake up in the morning with my hand under my panties. But once I have my man, I like when he tells me what to do, when he shows me who is the boss. That’s my nature. The more a guy talks dirty to me and bosses me around in bed, the hornier I get and the more I talk dirty. Like when a guy talks in a sexy voice and tells me to get on my knees and suck his cock, I get all flushed and my skin gets tingly.”

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about this scene (other than that I love Daylene’s crotchless panties). Enjoy.

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Kerry Marie – Slumber Party

Slumber Party

Slumber Party

The big question this week of course is, does Kerry Marie sleep in pajamas? Pajamas…with a crest on them? When it’s cold, during the winter, and we know English winters, Kerry does sleeps toasty warm in her flannels and socks and so on. But when it’s warm or hot, Kerry sleeps with as little on as possible: a teddy, perhaps a huge oversized tee-shirt, comfortable baggy shorts and a loose top. The operative word here is sleeping. You know how much sexy lingerie the girl owns…

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Anna Beck – Anna’s First Time

Anna’s First Time

Anna's First Time

When Anna Beck graced us with her presence in 2010, she couldn’t have been more eager to shoot. The idea of getting glammed up on-camera made her excited, and being proud of her M-cup naturals, she had no issue flaunting them for the men of the XL world. She wasn’t quite ready to go all the way and shoot hardcore, though. We understood that, and being as sexy as she is, we couldn’t have been more eager to shoot her solo.

But we must admit, we also couldn’t have been more excited when she came back to us earlier this year and said that she was ready–and eager–to finally go all the way. Because a girl like Anna is deserving of only the best, we knew we had to do right by her in her debut hardcore scene. We got her more glammed up and sexy than ever before (which is saying something), took her to one of our nicest locations and paired her up with one of our finest, most-hung cocksman.

And the result was certainly worth the four year wait. Anna fucks more lustily and passionately than we could have even hoped. She deep-throats our cocksman Tom’s cock as if she’s been fucking on-camera for years, titty-fucks him so hard he nearly cums on those massive M-cup naturals. In return, he fucks her so hard we think if her first hardcore scene had been the last lay of Anna’s life, she would have been satisfied.

We’re all left satisfied by the end of this scene as she cleans Tom’s man-pipe clean after he leaves a thick, sticky cum shot on her huge tits.

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Holly Brooks – What A Piece Of Ass!

What A Piece Of Ass!

What A Piece Of Ass!

What a piece of ass is big-boobed Holly Brooks. Her dirty mouth fills the room with hot talk about fucking her soft mouth and her tight asshole. Holly’s puckering up both, and her pussy, for a hard cock to fill her up. When you’re with Holly, it’s no holes barred.

“Shove your rock-hard cock in my tight ass,” says Holly, turning around to show us her shapely butt while spreading her ass cheeks apart.

Rocky is watching all this. Holly’s legs shake as she makes her ass jiggle. She beckons him to her, her eyes checking out the boner sticking out. He grinds against her ass and she turns around to get a grip on it.

Pulling down the top of her corset, Rocky sucks Holly’s beautiful big boobs hard and squeezes and licks them. It’s a breast feast. A guy could spend an hour on those soft pillows and still want more.

Holly gets on her knees and takes the cock in her mouth. She said that she wanted to get hotter and nastier for her second visit to SCORE and this blowjob proves it. She goes down deep on his cock, coating it in spit. She sucks it hands-free, trailing spit strings connecting dick to mouth. It’s a great, wet, sloppy blowjob. He hides the salami in Holly’s hills while she cries out more of her filthy sex talk, then she resumes gobbling his bloated shaft.

They get to the couch so Holly can jump on the cock in cowgirl and ride his rod. After fucking her pussy in doggie as Holly screams and her heavy tits shake, the moment arrives. “Fuck my tight ass!” she loudly cries, begging for a butt boning. Rocky wedges it in and thrusts, spreading Holly’s cheeks apart. That makes Holly cry out even louder as their ass-tounding humping continues.

Holly Brooks: a living fuck-doll. Even sport-sex star Tigerr Benson said she wants to get down with the blonde bra-buster after seeing her.

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Lucy Love – Stacked & Serviced

Stacked & Serviced

Stacked & Serviced

When your car breaks down anywhere, it’s never a good situation. Hours of waiting for help. Missed meetings, meals, sleep. The expense and aggravation. But in Europe, better minds have found a way to revolutionize roadside assistance. Our example is lovely Lucy Love.

Tow-truck companies fuck their customers but usually not literally. But they do in this video. Hungarian porn star Lucy Love is a tow-truck driver’s dream girl. Lucy’s job is to help stranded motorists. More like fuck them is her real job. This tow truck company screws stranded drivers.

Who has met a busty tow-truck driver who looks like Lucy? No one. After pulling over to help a dude who’s broken down, they get down to fuckin’ and suckin’. Lucy checks his oil, checking his dipstick by suckin’ on it. They toss a fuck blanket by the car. Lucy lies back so he can mount her in missionary, checking her transmission fluid with his cock, then fucking her from behind and in reverse-cowgirl. He cleans her hood with his nut-fluid and she licks his stick clean as the cum drips down her big boobs. This is exceptional customer service.

When your car breaks down and you call the Stacked Slut Automobile Club, Lucy will be there in a few minutes to get you back up again. For example, within a few minutes of arriving at the breakdown point, Lucy will have most of your dick in her mouth while her trained hands methodically squeeze your balls.

For safety’s sake, of course, you and Lucy will be on the side of the road on a blanket so another motorist doesn’t drive over both of you. She’ll assume the positions of your choice, dramatized here, and take your cock deep–like a meat dipstick only bigger–until you blow your gasket over her tits or ass cheeks, face, mouth or pussy. And every Stacked Slut Automobile Club representative is guaranteed to arrive at your breakdown location dressed in the skimpiest, cleavage-exposing way possible.

Happy motoring!

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Angela White – Hey Nineteen

Hey Nineteen

Hey Nineteen

The extraordinary Angela White made this video on August 31, 2004. She was only nineteen. This was Angela’s second trip to SCORE a year after posing for the first time at eighteen. It’s a 16 hour flight from her home in Australia, a long time for her to not masturbate unless she did that in the jet’s restroom.

Angela’s always had the spirit of adventure and wanderlust in her. She was mature well beyond her tender years. She is an exceptional girl.

After the world saw her for the first time when her pictures and videos were published and posted, I asked Angela if she was recognized in her homeland.

“I have run into a few people. I really like it when I do because I do enjoy the attention! I like the guys who will come up and talk to me instead of just point and stare. I don’t bite–outside of the bedroom!–and I’m happy to have a drink with a new friend.

“When I was dancing at a strip joint on the Gold Coast of Australia, I met an English guy on holidays who recognized me and he took me out to lunch. He was so sweet that when I went to London on vacation I made sure I met up with him again. I know you want to hear all the dirty stories about what we did but I’m going to leave that up to your imagination! [Laughs] So come up to me and say hello. You never know what might happen!”

A very big percentage of girls pose bare and sexual for only a couple of years. Even that can be a long time if they have no professional ambitions and are just in it for the experiences. Many just try it once. Then they move on. Angela is very exceptional in that she continued to model while she went to school, for a year in Paris too, and graduated with a degree.

Today Angela’s a popular porn star, after doing her first hardcore scenes with SCORE in 2011 (Angela White Finally Fucks on DVD). She reshaped her body, losing her teenage baby phat and kept training and trimming until she became slim & stacked. She is a big star on the Australian Sexpo convention circuit now and started her own modeling business. She even ran for a seat in Parliament in Australia, unfortunately losing. The Fleshlight company just made a jack-off toy, molding it from her pussy. Imagine that. It’s due for release by the company in October, 2014.

Posing for SCORE at eighteen was a life changer for Angela. If SCORE hadn’t flown her over in 2003, her life would have been completely different.

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Alana Lace – Teeny Weeny Bikinis

Teeny Weeny Bikinis

Teeny Weeny Bikinis

“I’ve got some bikinis to show you,” Alana says with a giggle as the camera pans from her pretty face to her gorgeous boobs. “Do you want to see me try them on?”

She knows the answer to that question, but Alana loves to play the tease.

“Let’s go!” She says with a happy bounce.

Alana is a smart gal. She knows exactly what guys want to see as she changes from her animal print bikini to a skimpy blue bikini. She bounces her plump booty and spins and twirls for the camera, allowing us to get a full view of her curves and soft, child-bearing hips. She cups her boobs a bit, too, and it’s easy to imagine our hard, throbbing cock squeezed firmly in between her 40DDDs.

“Do you like it?” Alana asks as she slowly strips off her blue bikini. “I’m going to go inside. Come and join me for a surprise.”

We’re always up for surprises. Alana walks into the house and plants herself on a seat. Her boobs look perfect and tasty staring back up at us. Apparently, Alana thinks they look pretty yummy, too, because she begins to lick and nibble on them. She begins with her left boob and then gives her right boob some attention. Alana’s nipples are fully erect now, and her passionate sucking leaves messy but sexy lipstick marks on her areolae.

“Oh, these big, beautiful titties,” she moans.

Alana, who we all know is a very sexual, freaky girl in her XXX videos, has gotten herself so hot that she’s getting a bit aggressive with herself. She smacks her tits so hard that she leaves light red handprints on her boobs. She moves her right hand down to her pussy and begins to fuck herself with her two middle fingers.

When Alana finally cums, a shiver of pleasure washes over her coupled with an adorable giggle. You can see the satisfaction in her face and body as she begins to settle from her intense orgasm. She pulls her fingers out from her pussy and licks her tasty juices off of them.

What a pleasant surprise Alana had in store for us.

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Jenna Jayden – My First XXX

My First XXX

My First XXX

“I’m the kind of girl who’d rather just start fuckin'” says Jenna Jayden, a girl who likes to show off her big boobs on-stage at various strip clubs around the country.

No foreplay? No smooching or nuzzling?

“But when there’s foreplay, I like my clit gently rubbed and licked.”

“Just straight-up fuckin!!” is Jenna’s mantra. JMac’s more than happy to oblige the strapping blonde brickhouse busting out of her low-cut pink tank, her ass encased in tight yellow shorts.

Jenna says she likes a guy to treat her right but be strong and commanding, especially at sex. Once her huge tits are thoroughly sucked and squeezed, Jenna gets on her knees to suck and jerk him, her mouth stretched around his shaft. She stares at him, cock between her lips, and that gets them both bursting to fuck. Jenna stands up, leans forward and, using a table for support, gives him her back so JMac can hold her tight and screw her hard from behind. And that’s just for starters in this lusty power-fuck.

Jenna is a natural at porn-sex her first time out!

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Bosom Buddies 6

Bosom Buddies 6

Bosom Buddies 6

This was the long awaited photo session that Kelly did with Euro-boob top model Bozena during the filming of Bosom Buddies #6. The two hit it off very well. There was definite chemistry between them. This pictorial does not match the video scene, which was shot in a bathroom and in a bedroom. But there was sufficient privacy for the girls to get intimately acquainted under the blue skies. Bozena was overjoyed to stick her tongue into Kelly’s pretty slit, and it marked the first time that Kelly had ever inserted a latex prick into another girl’s culo.

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