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Allie Pearson – Tits, Tugs and Throat

Tits, Tugs and Throat

Tits, Tugs and Throat

Allie Pearson is sitting on the couch with Brad, the lucky recipient of Allie’s generosity. Our cameraman Jose asks this brunette looker what she’s going to be doing for the guys at XL Girls. “I’m going to be giving a hand job and a blow job and wrapping my tits around some cock,” Allie sweetly says with a laugh. The conversation turns to how Allie likes a guy to touch her ample endowments. This is obviously a two-hander. Jose recommends that Allie sit on Brad’s lap so he can squeeze, then lick and suck on them. Her top and bra disappear so we can gaze again at her rich, ripe yayas.

Brad stands and drops trou and a kneeling Allie takes his cock between her lips. The camera perspective shifts from the third person view to P.O.V., the best angle for Tits & Tugs. Brad sits and Allie kneels between his legs, showing a happy enthusiasm for jacking, sucking and cleavage-crushing his knob. After she’s milked his balls all over her beautiful boobs with a kind of quick, butter-churning handwork, Allie lies back and fast-fingers her pussy, staring at the camera–a different way of handling a happy ending, for sure. Wow! Whatta babe!

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Hitomi – East Meets West Part 2

East Meets West Part 2

East Meets West Part 2

Black-booted Lily Madison is a sweet and demanding dominatrix. Hitomi is the submissive, obedient to Lily’s will for mutual pleasure. In Lily’s hand is a version of a cat o’ nine tails. She has Hitomi on a leash like a dog. Lily runs the multi-tails of her whip over Hitomi’s big breasts and relishes the power she has over the girl from Japan that every man wants in his bed.

Lily places her foot on the bed and makes Hitomi lick her boot. Hitomi runs her long pink tongue over the length of the shiny PVC boot. She looks up for approval and Lily taunts her exotic slave. “Does it taste good?” Lily asks? “Yeah,” Hitomi replies, licking the boot from top to bottom and back.

Lily orders Hitomi on all fours and whips her tiny ass. The pleasure of having her way with Hitomi’s beautiful body satisfies Lily’s fantasy. Demanding that Hitomi kneel on the bed, Lily whips Hitomi’s boobs and makes her lick her nipples. Lily wants Hitomi to make her cum and sticks a vibrator in Hitomi’s mouth to make it wet. Lily lays back and tells Hitomi to fuck her pussy with the toy. Their fun and games are far from over.

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Bunny Brooks – Hop on over to Bunny’s place

Hop on over to Bunny’s place

Hop on over to Bunny's place

“I’m a cam model so I enjoy using vibrators and machines,” said Bunny Brooks, a SCORELAND2 newcomer who really enjoys her own tits and pussy. “I have a fuck machine. It thrusts. Multiple glass toys. Double dildos. Strap-ons. A sex swing. You name it, I have everything except a Sybian, which is next on my list.”

Bunny is from Atlanta, Georgia. We found her camming on the Internet and asked her if she wanted to show off her tits and pussy for a class outfit. She accepted.

“Nude modeling is just something new and exciting for me,” she said. “I’m dipping my fingers in a few different things and seeing what I like.”

She’s dipping her fingers inside her pussy, that’s for sure.

“I stripped for two years before I found a banner on a website, and I clicked it, and it took me to a web page, and I started watching all these girls,” she said. “I said to myself, ‘This can’t be real,’ so I looked into it a little more and signed up, and before I knew it, I quit stripping and just did cam modeling.”

Now she’s in the big-time and doing real modeling, showing off those big naturals for all the world to see. Enjoy. She did.

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Roxee’s Toy Collection

Roxee’s Toy Collection

Roxee's Toy Collection

Mrs. Robinson has quite a collection of toys back home, at least 20, Roxee told us, including the powerful Hitachi Wand, a fairly recent addition. She says it’s her favorite now. (The world record may be held by SCORE Girl Sheridan Love who owned 82 toys when we spoke with her about her collection, and that was in 2013.)

Roxee brought nine toys with her. We wanted to ask her about ladies’ novelties and she was happy to share and describe them and how she uses them. (Please note all the bras behind her.) In this Bonus video, she shows and talks about them, lays them out on the bed and uses the realistic cock-dildos on her heavy knockers. When a woman shows off her personal chick-stick collection, you know she cares.

On her RoxeeRobinson Blog, Roxee, a Canadian, wrote: “I love shooting for SCORE. I also love traveling to Europe! It’s a double bonus for me! I worked with the same awesome team and of course they spoiled me rotten with wonderful Czech Food. Which I guess kind of makes it a triple bonus for me! They even remembered my love for their yogurt.”

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May West – Big-Boobed Panty Soaker

Big-Boobed Panty Soaker

Big-Boobed Panty Soaker

“If I’m having a lot of sex, I don’t masturbate,” says May West, a newcomer to SCORELAND and a highly sexual girl who digs men and women…and her pussy when she doesn’t have any partners to play games with.

“I’ll have sex one or two times a day, and if I’m not having sex, I’ll masturbate that much. I’m kind of quiet. I’m loud during sex but I’m a quiet masturbator.”

May lives in New Orleans, a city with a big kinky sex culture. “I have been lucky to have a lot of kinky sex. I think the kinkiest was probably when a redheaded dominatrix from New York City named Ginger fisted me and a female partner of mine at the same time. Also, other partners held Hitachi vibrators on our clits.”

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Brook Ultra – <b>Ultra sex</b>

Ultra sex

<b>Ultra sex</b>” title=”<b>Ultra sex</b>” src=”” /></a> </p>
<p class=Brook Ultra is giving Tony DeSergio a private dance in his apartment. Tony whispers instructions, telling her what he likes strippers to do. Brook can give a guy a boner in his pants just by standing there. Brook bends over and sticks her ass in his face. She continues dancing, stripping and gyrating, pointing her big tits and ass at him.

If Brook danced in a club, we’d rent orchestra seats. But Brook says she doesn’t want to dance in clubs.

“I walked into a strip club because I wanted to become a stripper until I realized how dirty it was, so I didn’t strip. I want a really classy strip club. I would like a clean strip club.”

That was a great loss to the strip club industry. The lesson here is to keep those strip clubs clean and classy, Mr. Club Owner.

Brook has very specific ideas about fucking, oral sex and male orgasms. She likes being hogtied and then fucked really hard in that position. She says she likes being face-fucked. Bottom line: Brooke wants it rough.

“I like when guys cum all over my face. I think that’s so hot, and the thought of that, being fucked really hard and having cum all over my face, makes me so wet. I also like sucking dick. Like, usually, I’ll tease a guy and go around the head and then go down really slow, then I’ll go between his balls and lick it really fast as I stroke his dick, then I go back up to the head, and I usually can deep-throat him all the way down. Guys are surprised by that because I’m so little. And then when he cums, he can cum in my mouth. I think all girls should swallow.”

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Jasmine Black – Jasmine’s Three-way Riding Lesson

Jasmine’s Three-way Riding Lesson

Jasmine's Three-way Riding Lesson

Master of Busty Riding Academy, Lord Chandler is in his bedroom with beautiful Jasmine Black. He wants to know what is under her long white cloak. She takes it off her shoulders and drops it to the floor. Now he knows. She’s wearing black boots and a skimpy two piece, as tiny as a string bikini. Her large breasts bulge against the flimsy fabric.

In her hand is a riding crop that she runs along Lord Chandler’s chest, teasing him. He comes behind her to play with her tits and grind his pelvis into hers; she spanks her boobs with the crop as he kisses her neck from behind.

Laying her down on the bed, Lord Chandler removes her bottoms and fingers her shaven pussy with expert digits, sucking greedily on her nipples. Jasmine herself sucks on them too. He stands, his cock dangling out of his fly. Jasmine sits on the bed, her black boots still on, and hungrily engulfs his shaft into her wet mouth, sliding her hand to the base and back again.

The sexy, slim brunette beauty queen makes sounds of intense pleasure as she tongues Lord Chandler. As he pulls her head closer to him to swallow every inch, Lord Chandler’s valet enters the bedroom with the evening beverage. “I’m sorry, sir” he says, an embarrassed look shadowing his face. “I told you about knocking,” admonishes Chandler.

Jasmine, on the other hand, is excited to see the servant. “Come here,” she orders him. “Yes, miss?” As soon as he makes his way over to the couple, she reaches out to squeeze his package. “It looks like she wants an extra,” Chandler observes matter-of-factly. Cock is removed from trousers and now Jasmine has two stiff clubs to suck and stroke. She will have her hands full tonight with these two ramrods. They, in turn, will take her pussy and ass in a furious double penetration.

This scene is available on DVD in the best-seller Busty Riding Academy.

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Roxee Robinson – Bubbly Boobs, Bubble Butt

Bubbly Boobs, Bubble Butt

Bubbly Boobs, Bubble Butt

Longtime XL Girls member Tom: “Roxee has emerged as my favorite model. Every one of her sets is exceptional. Her sex appeal is off the charts. Please keep bringing her back. I so look forward to seeing her sets!”

XL Girls: Roxee, we liked the video of you walking to buy coffee and your cleavage was showing. When you go out, do you dress to show your chest?

Roxee: I do usually dress to show off my big boobs.

XL Girls: Do you have a lot of breast sex? What are your favorite “tit-fucking” positions?

Roxee: I love titty fucking. I love wrapping my big tits tightly around a cock and milking it dry. My favorite position for tit fucking is probably me on my knees with the guy standing over me. I really get a good cum load on my tits in that position.

XL Girls: Maybe one day we can see that here. Do you like to talk dirty in bed?

Roxee: I love dirty talk. The dirtier the better.

XL Girls: Do you do housework topless or naked?

Roxee: Only if I’m trying to impress someone or drive someone crazy. I do cook naked often.

XL Girls: Do you like looking in a mirror during sex?

Roxee: Love looking in the mirror. Watching sex through a mirror is a huge turn on.

XL Girl: Now let’s check out Roxee getting breastfully clean.

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Captive Audience

Captive Audience

Captive Audience

Like a 1920s silent film heroine, Linsey has been kidnapped, damsel-in-distress style, and whisked away by some scummy, horny villain for this admittedly bizarre pictorial. But he hasn’t tied Linsey down to railroad tracks — likely fearing those enormous boobs of hers would derail the train. Instead, he’s cuffed the buxom Brit in a seedy old theatre, where he is playing filthy movies to arouse LDM, not unlike the scene in A Clockwork Orange. Linsey, though, is a HHH-Houdini who easily slips her leather restraints. Instead of fleeing for the door, she decides to put on a modeling demonstration. Mmmm. Too bad for the general television audience in the U.K. that Linsey can’t get this rude on the upcoming ScreamFilms show “I’m Famous and Frightened.” We don’t think the Brits would scream about tits the way the Yanks did about a small Janet Jackson boob during the Super Bowl. In a weird way, this pictorial is a warm-up to the spooky stuff ahead except she won’t be starkers.The show airs Friday March 12, 13, and 14 on Living TV ( Monies earned from the show will go to Linsey’s favorite charity, “breast cancer” Linsey will star with other celebs who will need to get the most number of votes to win the competition. We hope that LDM wears something really hot, like a baby tee-shirt, booty shorts and FM shoes when she starts her ghostbustin’ in crumbling old Chillingham castle in Northumberland. The countdown starts now. Good luck, LDM.

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Tigerr Benson – Tigerr’s in our tank

Tigerr’s in our tank

Tigerr's in our tank

It’s the first time at SCORELAND2 for Tigerr Benson, a mega-busty Asian babe who lives in London, England and does some of the hottest porn, including DP, you’ve ever seen. And you will see it soon. For now, though, we get to have her all to ourselves. Cherish the moment. It’s not often that Tigerr poses solo.

Tigerr’s tits are double-Hs. Her pussy is shaved, tattooed and pierced. She has a tiny waist. She’s wild and nasty. She has a dirty mind.

“I like when guys tease me,” she said. “I love to suck and lick cock and balls. My favorite position is being on top so you can see all of me. I like to train my ass to take bigger cocks than my pussy. I’m greedy. I always swallow the cum when a guy blows his load.”

I’m not sure that counts as greedy. I think it counts as accommodating.

“I like guys to be hot for me with lots of tongue and touching,” Tigerr said. “I like when men and women appreciate my body. I don’t hide my big tits. I want them out there.”

In other words, if you’re lucky enough to see Tigerr out in public, you’ll know her by her face and her tits. After watching this scene, you’ll be able to identify her by her pussy, too.

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Jaden Suede – It’s Showtime In The VIP Room

It’s Showtime In The VIP Room

It's Showtime In The VIP Room

Do you remember Jaden Suede? The proper question is, have you forgotten Jaden Suede? Jaden was the Tampa, Florida college student studying firefighting and working as a nail technician. Jaden got off in the VIP champagne room in this video.

Jaden’s hobbies are modeling, painting and chatting on the Net. Jaden loves toys, especially strap-ons. You show her a picture of a voluptuously endowed girl wearing a strap-on and she gets hot.

“I usually masturbate before bed to calm my nerves,” Jaden revealed. “It’s like having a glass of warm milk.” So for Jaden, toying her pussy is both a stress-buster and a way to get to sleep.

Jaden said her kinkiest sexual moment was “bent over a bathroom counter during Thanksgiving dinner.” What satisfies her most of all? “Having my ass eaten and being fucked hard by a dildo,” Jaden replied. She’s a girl who knows what she likes.

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Amy Anderssen – <b>Bikini sex with Amy Anderssen</b>

Bikini sex with Amy Anderssen

<b>Bikini sex with Amy Anderssen</b>” title=”<b>Bikini sex with Amy Anderssen</b>” src=”” /></a> </p>
<p class=First, Amy Anderssen chats with a SCORE staffer about her tits and ass. She’s a one-percenter in the T&A department. Amy changes into a bikini and walks outside to the pool deck to meet Rocky for an outdoor boning, her hips swiveling as she strolls in her high heels.

While Rocky is on the sidelines, Amy does a solo bikini show. Her bikinis have less material than a handkerchief. She tries on three bikinis and the cameraman hits the floor several times to shoot straight up for some great angles of Amy’s big boobs and Kardashian ass. (I don’t think enough guys show enough appreciation for Amy. She’s a total fantasy girl, a great SCORE Girl and she really puts it all out there.)

Rocky has another extreme bikini he wants Amy to wear. It’s basically a red string. He lowers Amy to her knees to suck and tit-fuck his woodie then fucks her in what I believe is her best and hottest SCORE scene to date, a true jack scene. The only thing Rocky didn’t do was eat out Amy’s pussy-slit, which he should have. The bikini solo show alone can send a guy to his happy place. This is a very long scene, over 35 minutes, and every second is a winner.

What I also appreciate about Amy is how much she is into big tits.

“I like my tits and my ass equally because both can get played with very well, and they just turn me on,” Amy said. “I love when my tits get sucked and I love when I’m getting fucked in doggy. My ass is just bouncing on the guy’s cock, and it’s so sexual and horny. It gets me really wet.”

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Analee Sands – Heavy Hooters Need Cum

Heavy Hooters Need Cum

Heavy Hooters Need Cum

Analee Sands truly fits the definition of “All Stacked, All Natural, All Plump.” What a babe! Her fetish was CMNF aka “Clothed Man Nude Female” sex. Her fantasy was to have her own nude beach.

Analee: I’m a dick chick.

XL Girls: Does the size matter?

Analee: Not really, as long as you hit the right spot.

XL Girls: Have your boobs ever fallen out of a bra or shirt by accident?

Analee: More times than I can count. My family hates it when I wear tanktops. I’ll bend over too far and my boobs just migrate and fall out. I love horse-back riding, and the joke was that they needed duct tape and a bungee chord to hold my boobs in. I need to wear two sports bras to ride a horse for 10 minutes.

XL Girls: Your boobs fell out while you were riding a horse?

Analee: One time they did, yes. And my family never let me live it down. They were just bouncing around so much, and I was wearing a regular bra, and there was no way they were going to stay inside.

XL Girls: Now you embrace your boobs and want to show them off?

Analee: Sometimes. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I can be outgoing, sometimes I just want to be alone. But whenever I was in the mood to be outgoing, my friends would run for the hills. Because if I came out, you just wouldn’t know what to expect. I’ve dressed up in some of the smallest tops and some of the skimpiest little bottoms. Like, for Halloween.

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