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Dani Moore – Broomstick & Grind

Broomstick & Grind

Broomstick & Grind

We’ll see more of Dani Moore tomorrow in New Discovery. For now, this Halloween night bonus is a sneak peek at this Voluptuous babe from Texas.

Back home, Dani works in a tattoo shop. She’s not a nudist, a dancer or a swinger. But Dani was curious about adult modeling. It turned out that a friend knew all about us and told her to make a close encounter with The SCORE Group. “I work at the tattoo shop and hang out with family and friends. I’ve thought about modeling but this is the first time I’ve gone ahead and actually done it.” Dani’s 47-inch, 38DDD hooters speak for themselves.

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Marie Leone – Maid For Anal

Maid For Anal

Maid For Anal

Every day is a holiday with Marie Leone at your fingertips. Today she is wearing a sexy maid’s costume, pink and frilly and very skimpy. It’s a treat not a trick. Why not do a little dusting while she’s wearing it? It’s all part of the hot fantasy.

Naturally blessed by the breast goddesses, Marie’s 19-year-old body is bodaciously brain-blasting. The staff here at SCORELAND lost their minds when they saw Marie’s test shots that she emailed after seeing the website People walk into each other and into parking meters when she walks down the street. As mentioned before, Marie had bigger tits in the 8th grade than her teachers!

While fetchingly alluring and smiling Marie is bent over dusting, her boobie-call is dumbstruck at the sight of her. He bends Marie over even more and spanks her bottom. He spreads her tight, firm ass-cheeks apart and spanks them. Spreading her tush-halves opens her butt-hole. He sticks first one, then two fingers inside it and slides in and out.

Now for Marie’s spectacular 34J-cups. He takes one out of her top, then the other. Those babies could take an eye out! He licks and sucks her nipples and he and Marie even share a nipple lick.

Still in her costume with her massive mams out, Marie kneels and sucks his prick, then tit-fucks him, sandwiching his sausage between her two soft, warm breast-buns. She can really handle a stick-shift. Tit-fucking Marie is like reaching the top of Mount Everest.

Marie sucks Rocky’s boner some more, then climbs on board to ride and grind, rocking to-and-fro. She builds up her fucking rhythm while Rocky fingers her butt-hole again to prepare it for his wood.

Marie flips over so Rocky can bang her tight snatch in missionary. She likes to rub her clit while she’s fucking. That adds to her intense pleasure. Pulling out of her pussy, he slips his dick into her ass!

A blistering hot and horny debut for a young and stacked newcomer! Marie Leone: Maid For Anal.

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Karen Fisher – Karen Fisher watches her own fuck video

Karen Fisher watches her own fuck video

Karen Fisher watches her own fuck video

And now for something completely different. I don’t think any other studio, big boobs or not, has done this experiment except The SCORE Group. And what’s that?

Before I get to what’s that, let me ask you a question. Do you think most girls who have sex in porn scenes watch their videos at home or elsewhere?

That was the question TSG editors pondered. How would a girl react if she watched herself getting fucked? What would she think and say? No one had ever done this before, as far as we knew.

So when Karen Fisher, who first modeled at SCORE in October 2001, came in for a few days to shoot some hot videos, we tried an experiment. A bathtub scene was shot with Karen and a pro stud named Mikey Butders. Mikey gave Karen a hearty bang and blew his load all over her chest and neck. Mikey fucked in quite a few SCORE videos around this time before he moved to LA.

The next day, Dave interviewed Karen on-camera. But it wasn’t the usual interview. Karen’s fuck scene from the previous day was played on a TV set positioned next to a fully-dressed Karen, and we asked her to watch it and talk about it. This is where it got interesting.

First of all, Karen had a hard time using the word “fuck.” Like “fuck” was too dirty a word to say even though she’s a porn star fucking on-camera. I thought Karen was going to freak out.

“This is so weird,” Karen kept repeating. “It’s like embarrassing.”

Not that Dave and I thought that it was embarrassing. We enjoyed seeing Miss Fisher watch the fuck-fruits of her labors.

Once she got used to seeing herself, Karen reviewed the individual moments. She liked the water. She liked what her big boobs looked like. She liked how her ass looked.

“It’s embarrassing but I can’t stop.” Karen said as she watched Mikey’s cock disappear down her throat. Then she lowered her top and watched the rest of the video topless.

What she didn’t like was talking during the sex. She just wanted to “you know,” still not ready to actually say “suck cock.” So “you know” was Karen’s way of saying the words fuck or suck.

So when Karen gets doused with cum at the climax, don’t touch that stop button. Immediately following it is the video of Karen watching the video.

This got me to wondering how Karen would have looked if we filmed her watching the interview video of her watching her fuck video. Or is that a question for a quantum physicist?

We should do this again one day with Daylene Rio, Stephanie Stalls or Minka.

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Laura Bailey – Two English Girls

Two English Girls

Two English Girls

Hugely popular models in the early ’00’s, Laura Bailey and Susie Wilden only crisscrossed once in their relatively short photo-careers and that was by invitation.

At a TSG studio in London, Laura’s reading SCORE magazine on a bed when Susie walks over with a copy of January 2001 Voluptuous that features a pictorial of Laura. They look at the layout. Susie is impressed. She reaches over and feels Laura’s big boobs. Girls can do that, usually without formal permission.

It takes no time for the two English girls to pull their dress straps down and go topless so they can really explore the weight, size and feel of their supremely big boobs.

This leads to French kissing, mutual breast kissing and sucking, pussy-fingering and ass-play. Then the girls pull out the portable boyfriends, thick fuck-toys meant to give orgasmic ecstasy. They seem to instinctively know each others’ bodies as well as they know their own even though they’ve never met until this moment.

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Susie Wilden – Two English Girls

Two English Girls

Two English Girls

It was an awesome encounter when big British babesters Susie Wilden and Laura Bailey met and licked nipples and cookies for a one-time only match-up. Retired from modeling, Laura loves to sing, travel, and spend time with her friends. It’s not unusual for Laura to travel for six-to-eight months at a time. She loves exploring the culture and history of other countries. She’s also dedicated to rescuing greyhounds and finding new homes for them.

Laura developed young. “I was 13 years-old when my big boobs began to grow,” Laura said in an early interview. “I wore a 34 DD-cup bra at 13.”

James once wrote, “Laura Bailey is just perfect to me. I fell in love straight away. She has the loveliest smile, velvet soft skin, perfect blue eyes, her beautiful boobs are just wonderful and the rest of her gorgeous, all-natural, voluptuous body is, in one word, perfect.” She has that effect on guys. They fall in love.

Susie Wilden was also an early developer. “I was the first in my school to have these wonderful things, and boys would tease me,” Susie said during a visit to The SCORE Group. “I was a little ashamed of them at first, but they kept growing and growing, and then all the guys loved ’em. They just couldn’t stop looking at ’em. I was wearing tight shirts with tight sweaters. I went on vacation this one time, and when I came back, they’d grown even more, and my mother checked underneath …cause she thought I’d had an operation done to make ’em bigger. They just kept growing and growing.”

“You know, even guys who really like big breasts are sometimes intimidated by mine. They don’t like to touch them, like they’re afraid. In America, I’m a G-cup. In English sizes, I’m a 36 double-J. When I go home my nickname is Double-J because I’m a double-J.”

Susie retired from modeling somewhat abruptly also. This pair-up on Mammary Lane is one of those rare events in XLGirls history.

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Lisa Canon – Lisa Canon: Nurse Super Knockers

Lisa Canon: Nurse Super Knockers

Lisa Canon: Nurse Super Knockers

“Lisa Canon: Nurse Super Knockers” is a blazing hot XL Girls video featuring the very talented and well-loved country girl of Quite frankly, when XL Girls discovered Lisa, the staff was in awe of her and her natural talents. She really took to taking her clothes off, showing off her big boobs, ass and pussy and having wild sex on-camera.

Lisa is a horny and eager nurse at Hooter Hospital, no place for sick men. It looks like this unfortunate man has busted his head open but his bad luck turns to good luck because his nurse is Lisa Canon, Nurse Super Knockers.

Will Nurse Lisa cure him? Hey, it didn’t take him very long to get out of that wheelchair and between Lisa’s super-knockers. She has helped him to walk again not to mention get a woody, fuck her mouth, pussy and butthole and blow a load of cum onto her magnificent big boobs. The look of satisfaction on Lisa’s face as she yanks Juan’s crank to extract that last drop of sperm on her jugs is beyond priceless. Too bad Lisa can’t bottle her magic and sell it.

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Sunny Leone, Savannah Gold, Christian XXX

Savannah, she strips down for the teacher. She fingers herself on her desk and even uses the ruler as a prop during her striptease. She keeps this going in front of him and tries to avoid her, but she is willing to do anything to keep this salesman busy. She starts by giving him head and he licks her clit on his desk. She spreads her pussy lips wide for him and then mounts him in reverse. Soon he’s got her doing doggystyle over his desk. She rides him some more. They do many positions and there is constant oral sex and fucking going on. Positions often change and she loves them all till he nuts on her boobs.

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June Summers – SALE: Two For One

SALE: Two For One

SALE: Two For One

We don’t know about you, but we love it when we find something on sale or for a bargain. Like how, when you go to the hardware store to buy a box of nails and they might have a sign out that says, “Buy One, Get One Free.” Don’t you love that? Well, imagine that you set out to get yourself some pussy and when you are about to make your purchase, said pussy tells you that you can get a whole other pussy with this deal for the same price. Sounds like a bargain, right? Twice the blow jobs, twice the pussy, and four titties instead of just two, all for the same low price. It’s a deal too good to beat. Or, it’s a deal too good not to beat your meat.

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Michelle Bond – The Art Of The Lapdance

The Art Of The Lapdance

The Art Of The Lapdance

Big Boob Finishing School headmistress Michelle Bond believes that pleasing men requires a great deal of study and training. She includes lap dance instruction in her manual, “The Ultimate Guide To Pleasing Men.”

Michelle is going to train Israeli sweater-sweller Eden Mor in the art of lap dancing.

“Perhaps you are wondering why you are dressed the way you are,” Michelle asks Eden. “You are dressed the way you are because all men love strippers, and nothing turns a man on more than having his girlfriend or wife dance for him.”

Michelle shows Eden the right way to give a guy a lap dance. She gets fully nude and gives Eden a sensuous dance. “Now I want you to give me a lap dance.” Michelle sits in a chair and waits for Eden.

Eden strips off to dance in her naked glory, copying Michelle’s moves. During the dance, horny Michelle feels Eden up like a guy would at a strip club. “How did I do at it?” Eden asks when she’s done. “I don’t know how any guy could resist you.” Michelle replies and they kiss.

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Penny Porsche – Penny Porsche, stud finder

Penny Porsche, stud finder

Penny Porsche, stud finder

“I think it’s very important to suck a guy’s cock the right way,” said Penny Porsche, one of my favorite big-titted, big-clitted MILFs. “Some guys like to have their cocks stroked a certain way, and other guys like to have their balls licked, and some guys like to have their butthole fingered. That makes them cum more while you’re sucking their dick, but other guys are afraid to have a finger up their butt. Everybody’s different.”

Penny is different. She’s a little flighty and very sexy. She can keep up a conversation while she has three fingers buried deep inside her pussy and she can squirt on demand. She used to be a promoter for rock bands, which means she must have seen a lot of fucking on tour. You know, the backstage, show-your-pass stuff. I’m sure she got in on the action, too. Either that or she decided to get into porn so she could get more action.

In this scene, Penny seduces the young guy who came over to help her around the house. He’s going to help himself to her deep throat and tight pussy. Very tight pussy.

“I have smaller lips and a bigger clit than most girls, I’ve noticed,” Penny said. “It’s funny because before I got into porn, I never realized how small some girls’ clits were and how large my clit was, and when I realized how big it was, I was proud of it.”

Penny has a lot to be proud of.

“Guys will talk to me, but they’re not really talking to me, they’re talking to my boobs. I bought this shirt that said, ‘Look at me when you’re talking to my tits.’ And I thought that maybe I should wear that shirt more often. It could barely cover my boobs, and when you’re out in public, you can’t wear a shirt like that. I wouldn’t wear a shirt like that in public. I like to dress sexy but sophisticated and classy. I don’t like to dress slutty. Only in the bedroom for my man.”

And here, for you.

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Lily Valentine – Staircase To Hooter Heaven

Staircase To Hooter Heaven

Staircase To Hooter Heaven

Lily Valentine’s fantasy was to have sex while other people watch. That’s one of the reasons she became a SCORE Girl. “I love being looked at. It gives me such intense pleasure to be watched as a man makes strong, hard love to me, that I can’t even describe it in words,” she gushed. The gorgeous brunette Quebecoise from Montreal and her fuck buddy are snow-bound. They have a nice, cozy chalet to fuck in. She climbs the staircase at the chalet, a fuck kitten in a tight sweater and short skirt, stopping to self-lick her hangers. What a body! What a face! Wars were fought over women like her in olden times.

They start on the staircase and work their way down Lily’s gorgeous body. “I like a man to spend a lot of time kissing and licking my tits,” says Lily. “Then when we fuck, we fuck hard and for a long time. I like to be dominated with a lot of good penetration and deep thrusting. He must fuck me a long time.” Lily’s large pussy flaps encircle his cock. Many have commented favorably about those big gyno-wings.

“I need a man who can read me well and knows how to handle me,” said Lily. “If a man stops because he thinks I don’t like his fucking, he is making a mistake. I am assertive in bed so I need a man that is stronger than me. Who will tell me what to do, hold my head to his cock, tell me to suck his balls hard, spank my ass hard when I am on top or he is behind me.”

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Arianna Sinn – Arianna The Voyeur

Arianna The Voyeur

 Arianna The Voyeur

“Now I’m gonna watch you fuck him,” big boob goddess Arianna Sinn says to tit queen of the Dominican Republic, Miosotis. The guy Arianna is talking about has been waiting right there and enjoying the sensational sight of Arianna and Mio having sex (seen previously in part 2). Arianna makes it seem like a command not a request. Miosotis is eager to comply. She needs cock inside her too after seeing Arianna get fucked by Shane. Mio stood just inches away as her friend was grinding her hips with Shane’s rod inside her pussy. Mio doesn’t want to be left out of the hot fun.

Just like Mio did to her, Arianna stands by as Mio sucks off John. It is a supernatural sight. Mio’s tits are so gigantic, they rest on her thighs in a sitting position. It is supremely unearthly.

Arianna can’t help but to reach out and touch Mio’s tits while she is busy sucking John. Mio holds her tits by the nipples while John is tit-fucking Mio. This is rarely seen. Most girls hold their tits by the sides while they are being boob-banged. But Mio is not most girls. While he is tit-fucking Mio (an unbelievable sight), Arianna takes his dick out of Mio’s cleavage and kisses the head. She spits on his cock, a non-verbal signal for him to begin fucking Mio. A smile appears on Arianna’s face as she sits on a bar stool and watches them do the Mammary Mambo.

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Denim Doll

Denim Doll

Denim Doll

Letters To Linsey:

“I’ve been a fan of Linsey’s since the last century and look forward to the latest pictures every week. The quality is amazing and over the years Linsey’s become a stunningly sexy woman. But you can always improve on perfection, so here are my suggestions to make LinseysWorld even better. First, I’d like to add my support for recent requests to see more sets where Linsey removes her clothes more gradually, especially if she’s wearing stockings and suspenders, or corsets underneath. Second, I’d like to see more old sets introduced into the rotation. As I say Linsey’s developed into a sexy woman, but she was also a sexy teenager too as sets like Couch Melons, Never Enough, Pantyhose Effect, White Bed prove. Also, I’d love it if Linsey let her pubic hair grow back to its natural lushness. I know the trim look is popular in the States but Linsey also has lots of loyal British Linsey fans who like something more furry to keep them warm in the winter. Finally, I’d like to congratulate the guys who keep LinseysWorld the hottest site on the web every week. Cheers,Ian”

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