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Mianna Thomas – Bustin’ out at the strip club

Bustin’ out at the strip club

Bustin' out at the strip club

I used to spend a lot of time in strip clubs, handing out singles, getting lap dances and enjoying similar techniques of bettering myself. When I went on a regular basis, I’d only pay attention to the busty dancers. Usually they had boob jobs, which I like, too. Skinny girls were for other men. I never saw a natural in a club with tits as big as Mianna Thomas’ in this fantasy strip show that turns into a XXX bang.

Where are all the massively-chested lap dancers? Why does no one hire them? I go to a club now and then, and everyone is skinny. You mean to tell me that in this big country called America, no huge-boobed natural ever walked into a club applying for a lap-dance position to pay for her unemployed boyfriend’s pot and Nintendo expenses?

When Mianna gets off the stage to give a lap dance, she drops her 34JJ-cup tits on Levi’s lap in a sequence that’s so well-shot in P.O.V., you’ll think it’s your lap she’s doing it to. Mianna reaches in to suck, spit on and tit-fuck the cock while still using your lap as a boob-shelf. Moving over to the stage, Mianna squats to suck dick and balls hands-free. She uses the pole to keep her balance when she gets fucked standing. Not bad for a girl who doesn’t strip for a living.

At Club SCORE, no one gets lap dances and leaves with blue balls. They get the VIP treatment. To cum on Mianna’s jugs is one of life’s greatest achievements. Few men have accomplished this.

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Brandy Talore – Selling <i>SCORE</i> door-to-door

Selling SCORE door-to-door

Selling <i>SCORE</i> door-to-door” title=”Selling <i>SCORE</i> door-to-door” src=”http://cdn.scoreuniverse.com/modeldir/data/posting/49/585/posting_49585_med.jpg” /></a> </p>
<p class=Brandy Talore was just getting started. This was one of two hardcore scenes she did a year after she debuted. In this scene, Brandy is selling SCORE and Voluptuous magazine subscriptions door-to-door, something many girls do for extra income. I got a kick out of the idea, but the real kick was seeing her in hardcore because I didn’t think she would do it.

Miss Talore comes into Jack’s house, but she doesn’t make the sale because Jack already gets the magazine. To reward him for his loyalty, Brandy gives him her sweet body. Brandy is especially sex-kittenish here, although her voice always dripped sex in her solos, too.

Just about all the bases are covered. Three kinds of titty-fucking; one with Brandy kneeling, one on top of the guy and one on her back to finish him off. Quality ball-sucking on her knees. 69 female superior. Missionary, doggie, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. There’s some nipple sucking and face smooshing.

Every time I see Brandy’s videos or photos, I think about an interview she did with me and Dave when she first modeled at SCORE.

“Nice breasts is what you should say, but with most guys, that isn’t in their vocabulary,” Brandy said. “They can say, ‘Oh, your breasts are nice,’ or ‘Your body is nice,’ but please don’t say, ‘Nice tits.’ It’s vulgar.”

How about hooters?

“God, no!”

So, Brandy, the word rack is vulgar?

“Yes! Nice rack? Yeech!”

So, Brandy, what about knockers?

“No! Boobs is okay. Even hooters is better than rack or tits!”

I’ve never forgotten that conversation to this day.

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Emily Cartwright – We’re doing cartwheels over Cartwright

We’re doing cartwheels over Cartwright

We're doing cartwheels over Cartwright

“I love my eyes and my legs, but my absolute favourite body part has to be my tits,” English natural Emily Cartwright told us.

That’s funny. We love Emily’s tits, too.

Emily had been doing amateur modeling on and off for five years before taking the SCORE and Voluptuous plunge in 2006. She was shot by one of our roving photographers in England.

“The men’s magazine photographers in the UK are a very small community. They all know each other, and there are many guys who seriously do photography as a hobby, so week by week, more photographers took notice of me. One of them was a contributing photographer to The SCORE Group so that’s how I first became a Voluptuous magazine model.”

Emily, who’s a bit of a Goth girl, has that great combination of a man’s mind in a woman’s body. She told us she likes to fuck three times a night and watches porn movies.

“I learnt everything I know about blow jobs from watching porn videos. I am great at giving deep throat blow jobs. My favorite position is doggie. I like to feel the guy pushing me down into the bed. I like my partner to be in charge of sex, and I’ll follow directions to the letter.

“I love having my tits fucked. I like to watch a lot of porn and I really enjoy seeing the man explode all over the girl’s big boobs. Sometimes I like to have sex watching porn. I love doing it doggie-style while I watch a porn video.”

Emily never did hardcore porn, but her solo videos were hot nonetheless. Makes you wonder, though, what coulda been.

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Annie Swanson – Annie on glass

Annie on glass

Annie on glass

Annie Swanson was a newcomer when she made this video on our famous glass table. The angles are phenomenal because the cameraman can get under the table and shoot up. No one else has copied this technique.

Annie dances, gets totally naked to bare feet, shakes and swings her big natural boobs, spreads her pussy wide and toys herself with a big Doc Johnson special shaped like a cock (always a lot hotter than a toy that looks like a cigar tube). Annie wraps it up by letting the cameraman squeeze her big boobs. We just see his lucky hands.

Annie was the girl-next-door girlfriend of a guy who read our magazines. One day she found them.

“I’d seen magazines for guys before,” Annie told Dave and me in an interview that was published in the February 2003 Voluptuous. “I just hadn’t read them. My brothers had them, but I never looked at them, and with my boyfriend, I just happened to look at them. I’ve seen girls with implants, and this was the first magazine I’d seen with girls with natural breasts. I was really amazed ’cause that was something I could relate to. So I looked at it and thought, ‘I could pose. Why couldn’t I? I have big boobs just like the rest of them.’ So my boyfriend and I started to take pictures and we sent them in and you guys called us.”

And that was the start of something big. Like a lot of girls, Annie thought that the girls in men’s mags had to be beauty queens or porn stars with boob jobs. She didn’t know that there was a mag that wanted homegrown naturals with curves, girls she could relate to as being just like her.

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Danielle Derek – Danielle Derek in the big-tit glory hole

Danielle Derek in the big-tit glory hole

Danielle Derek in the big-tit glory hole

SCORE knew Danielle Derek before she made a habit of gagging on big cocks and getting ass-fucked on-camera. In 2005, Danielle and her breast friend Alexia Moore visited our studio for the first time and did a hot girl-girl scene.

I should’ve known that Danielle would go on to do scorching boy-girl by the way she got into Alexia playing with her pussy, but if someone had asked me right then, “Will Danielle do hardcore?” I’m not sure what I would’ve said. Three months later, Danielle returned to our studio, without Alexia, and fucked on-camera for the first time.

I asked Danielle which she preferred, men or women, and she said, “I love to go down on women, but then you need the pounding. You need the guy.”

Over time, Danielle would super-size her boobs and get her ass and pussy pounded lots of time. I think her ass has been fucked more than her pussy. And, yet even when her ass is stretched around a big cock or her face is slathered with cum, Danielle retains that nice-girl look.

This scene involves the infamous big-tit glory hole. As Elliot described it on SCORELAND, “Disembodied hands emerge from holes in the wall to fondle Danielle’s slim, sleek body and huge tits. She guides the hands over her boobs while another hand digitizes her shaved pussy. Danielle urges the hands to work her over as she goes into overdrive talking dirty.

“Cocks and balls emerge from the glory holes, and Danielle goes crazy on them. She frantically stuffs her mouth with the swollen man-meat. The studs enter the hole and take Danielle from both ends, one fucking her, the other face-fucking the slinky blonde. A blindfold literally puts Danielle in the dark as she can’t see the fuckers and can only feel them, fuck them and blow them. The bizarre threesome escalates to a climax when Danielle’s booty-hole is reamed and her tits are sprayed with cum.”

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Vanessa Y. – Vanessa’s a brickhouse

Vanessa’s a brickhouse

 Vanessa's a brickhouse

Add Vanessa to the list of great Polish SCORE and Voluptuous models such as Bea Flora, Ines Cudna and Anna Yota. Why there are not more busty models from Poland is a question we can’t answer. The Czech Republic is overflowing with busty girls, and Poland is right next to it and five times as big.

Vanessa Y. wears H-cup bras. She has major problems in Poland buying bras that fit her boobs, so she buys them on the Web. Vanessa has had several growth spurts over the past few years that SCORE‘s been filming her and that, plus her tendency to grow out her pubic hair, has made her a huge favorite. Some guys want to see her do hardcore with men, but she’s said several times that it’s not going to happen. Personally, I’m happy with her tits and her ass and how she gets her curvy body into all of those pretzel poses.

For hobbies, Vanessa likes to ride horses and watch Formula One racing. She loves beer and claims that drinking beer made her tits bigger. There is some science to this since beer is made from hops that contain natural chemicals called phytoestrogens that act like hormones. Beer makers might want to look into this as a marketing point for female customers.

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Lily Madison – Busty bird-watching

Busty bird-watching

Busty bird-watching

Before 2014 SCORE Newcomer of the Year Lily Madison got naked for mankind’s enjoyment, she did something another famous SCORE Girl did for a living.

“I worked as an assistant for a dentist,” Lily said. “I was studying fashion photography. I want to go into set design and interior design. I’m going to go back to college. I was supposed to go back to college already, but webcam modeling is addictive.”

Know who the other model was? Discovered by Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Kerry Marie worked as a dental assistant in England before she became a stripper and model. Her patients must have been in ecstasy as she leaned over them. Their loss was our gain.

Now back to Lily.

This scene and several others were filmed in The Bahamas, a longtime SCORE stomping ground. Weather permitting, a photographer and model can’t ask for a better location. Pith-helmeted Lily is supposed to be bird watching.

Said Lily, “I was always on the other side of the camera, and I thought, ‘I’m too short to do modeling.’ I didn’t think I’d ever get any work as a model, and then with the webcam modeling, everyone said I should be in guys magazines.”

Attractive girls with big tits have it made. Many just don’t realize it.

“My friend found some websites, and we were like, ‘You can get paid for sitting around and taking your top off?’ We didn’t believe it. We were young and didn’t know about these things, and then we started doing it and found out that people would pay money for it, and it went from there.”

Some of the guys who bought time to watch her webcam shows suggested she model for SCORE.

“Lots of American guys kept saying to me, ‘Oh, you should be in SCORE and Voluptuous.’ So I said, ‘What’s that?’ and they’d say, ‘It’s a magazine. This is where you should go and apply.’ So I looked into The SCORE Group and started talking to you on Twitter, and then we emailed back and forth, and eventually you said, ‘We want you to come and shoot for us.’ So I said okay.”

Now Lily’s been published in 11 magazines and counting.

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Kelly Christiansen – Kelly Christiansen teaches a porn stud to love big tits

Kelly Christiansen teaches a porn stud to love big tits

Kelly Christiansen teaches a porn stud to love big tits

In this scene, the great Kelly Christiansen, former SCORE Newcomer of the Year, teaches super-stud Johnny Champ how to love big tits. Allow me to explain.

Porn studs don’t always get to fuck the kind of girls they like best. Sometimes studs who like mature women have to fuck teens and vice versa. Sometimes studs who like big tits have to fuck flat-chested girls. And sometimes studs who like teens have to fuck girls with big tits.

Did I just say “have to”? Tough job, eh?

Anyway, Johnny always liked big tits. He just didn’t love them the way a SCORE Man does. But then Kelly came along with her beautiful face and blond hair and brickhouse body and H-cup tits, and a man’s life is changed forever. A girl like Kelly can do that. She did it.

In this scene, Kelly sucks Johnny’s huge tool and fucks it with her tight pussy. But she also smothers Johnny with her giant tits and lets him tit-fuck her, and after she’s done that, he’s so worked up that he fucks her harder than she’s ever been fucked.

And from that point on, whenever we called in Johnny for a shoot, he hoped that the girl would have big tits. Actually, he hoped the girl would be Kelly, but you can’t always have it all.

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Kianna Dior – <b>Walking’ the streets, fucking between the sheets</b>

Walking’ the streets, fucking between the sheets

<b>Walking’ the streets, fucking between the sheets</b>” title=”<b>Walking’ the streets, fucking between the sheets</b>” src=”http://cdn.scoreuniverse.com/modeldir/data/posting/49/470/posting_49470_med.jpg” /></a> </p>
<p class=“I was always really sexual,” Kianna Dior said. “When I got old enough, I used to take my boyfriend down to peep shows. He’d be like, ‘Can’t we just have normal sex once in a while, like in a bed?’ but I loved having sex in the peep-show booths.

“You know, I can’t believe I’m telling you this. I’ve never told anybody before about the peep-show booths. I’d always kept that a secret. I’d take my boyfriend and drag him down to a totally seedy part of Vancouver, and we’d go into the booth, put our money in to turn on the movie and fuck. I didn’t sit down or touch anything, but I always got creative. I didn’t want my ass to touch anything because those peep-show booths are kind of dirty and guys leave their cum behind. Like, we’d get into the booth and turn on the movie, and I’d bend over and give him a blow job while he watched, and I’d make sure I could watch, too. Or I’d turn around and take my tits out, and I’d sit on his cock while he played with my tits, and I’d watch the movie and rub my clit.”

Kianna wasn’t just fucking. She was practicing. She was learning a vocation: porn slut.

Kianna is one of the wildest porn stars ever. Elliot loves her. He thinks she’s the greatest blow job artist in the world. She’s beautiful, stacked and exotic. In this scene, she’s a hooker who’s looking for some action. She loves the money, but she loves the cock more. She gets both. The john gets full service. Lucky guy. And that old boyfriend of Kianna’s who wanted “normal sex”? You don’t get normal sex with Kianna.

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Jana – <b>A ride on the wild side</b>

A ride on the wild side

<b>A ride on the wild side</b>” title=”<b>A ride on the wild side</b>” src=”http://cdn.scoreuniverse.com/modeldir/data/posting/49/467/posting_49467_med.jpg” /></a> </p>
<p class=This scene was shot in rural Hungary during the Busty Riding Academy project. The scene originally appeared at BigBoobsPOV.com and in the DVD Voluptuous Xtra 14. It features Jana, a Czech chick whose tits grew incredibly big between her first appearance in our studio in 2007 and this shoot in 2008.

And now I have a confession to make. I’ve never told anyone this. I watched this scene while it was being filmed. I watched Jana suck cock and get fucked. The scene takes place in a field behind the old castle we rented in Hungary. I wasn’t standing nearby while the scene was shot. I was standing in my room on the second floor, looking out the window, watching.

Anything else I say would fall under the category of T.M.I. (Too Much Information). I will say that it was a thrill to watch from my room while a porn scene was being filmed. And Jana did not disappoint.

The photography in this video is point-of-view, but it’s not my point of view. There is no plot. Jana sucks dick. She tit-bangs the lucky stud. She squats on top of his cock.

At this point, for me, it really was T.M.I. time. It might be for you, too.

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Sirale – Sirale’s big-tit showtime

Sirale’s big-tit showtime

Sirale's big-tit showtime

Czech natural Sirale once told us that at home, in her personal life, she likes romantic sex.

In this scene, Sirale is not at home. She’s in someone else’s home. It’s not her personal life. It’s her stripper/porn star life. She’s playing a hot stripper who fucks two guys. There’s nothing romantic about it. Sirale’s cheeks bulge when she has a cock in her mouth. She sucks cock while getting fucked. She ends up with a glazed face. Two loads of cum drip off her chin and down to her tits.

Romance? Watch Bridges of Madison County if you want romance. Then again, I got the idea that Clint fucked Meryl pretty hard in that movie. But there are no threesomes.

Anyway, back to this scene. Stripper fucks two guys. Every man who has ever been to a strip club has fantasized about fucking the strippers. They’re up there stark naked with their tits and pussies out. Of course we want to fuck them! If you go to a really raunchy strip club, fucking the strippers is possible. There’s something very enjoyable about seeing the pussy on-stage and then getting to fuck that pussy.

Did I just say that? Hey, it’s not rocket science.

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Nikki Jaye – Paradise Found

Paradise Found

Paradise Found

It looks like an island shoot, but this scene with college student Nikki Jaye was filmed in South Florida. The beach was deserted, lucky for all, and Nikki was not reluctant at all to get naked and then masturbate with a toy.

“I love masturbating,” Nikki wrote on her bio sheet. She had neatly typed it instead of filling it out by hand. That impressed me. “I masturbate at least once a day. I have a strong preference for using my Hitachi wand. That is the greatest vibrator ever invented. I can cum in under three minutes, and it’s great for relieving tension.”

Nikki made only a handful of appearances. Her hobbies are playing video games, writing, reading, watching TV, shopping and masturbating. A very well-rounded girl. I don’t remember what led her to SCORE. I think she contacted us on her own.

“I make the first move when I want sex,” Nikki wrote. “I don’t have time to waste waiting for a potential partner to make the first move. A guy needs to be direct and smooth and prove what he promises. Confident, persistent and sweet. Really good oral sex is what gets me satisfied. If I don’t have sex three times a week, then I get grumpy.”

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Sabina Leigh – BBC for the busty cream queen

BBC for the busty cream queen

BBC for the busty cream queen

We aim to please in the SCORELAND studio. Sure, we want every member to enjoy looking at the photos and videos, but we also know that in order for that to happen, the girls need to enjoy themselves. They can’t just go through the motions. The guys have to give them the bonings they so deserve.

Sabina Leigh, a self-proclaimed G-spot expert from Colorado, told us, “I had such a great time shaking my big, fat titties all over the studio. The guys here really banged the shit out of me (in the good way that I love so much). I hope I get to come back down here more so I can keep sharing these heavy jugs and pink pussy with you all.”

We did bring her back, several times, and she did keep sharing her big naturals and pink cunt with all of us. Thank you, Sabina. And I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.

In this scene, Sabina gets fucked hard by a big, black cock.

“I want you to sit down right here and suck on those big, fat tits of mine,” Sabina tells her stud.

He does as she commands. He sucks her tits. She sucks his cock. She tit-fucks it, too. Then he fucks her pussy.

“Oh, it feels so good so deep in my cunt!” Sabina screams.

She spreads her ass wide while Lucas fucks her from behind.

If you want lovey-dovey sex, then go to loveydoveysex or whatever dot com. I know, there’s no such site. There’s a reason for that. Nobody wants to see lovey-dovey sex. We want to see big-titted babes like Sabina getting fucked hard. That’s what we get here.

Guess I should’ve mentioned the creampie. Okay. I just did.

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