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Christal Rose – Christal’s tits ‘n’ tugs

Christal’s tits ‘n’ tugs

Christal's tits 'n' tugs

They say you’ll never forget your first time. Christal Rose’s was especially unforgettable.

“My boyfriend and I were in his friend’s basement, and his friend was a few feet away listening to music with headphones,” Christal recalled. “He never knew.”

Christal, who’s from Long Island, New York, was 23 years old when she debuted her pretty face and DDD-cup naturals in the November 2007 issue of Voluptuous. She was your typical girl-next-door. Happy. Playful. Her hobbies were going to the beach, dancing, clubbing, watching movies, barhopping with girlfriends and taking care of her dogs. After she left our studio, she hung out on the fringes of porn, never diving in head-first but dabbling here and there. Last we heard, she got married in 2014. I hope she’s happy. She made a lot of us happy. In this scene, she makes JMac happy by tit-fucking and jacking his giant wiener.

“I love to have my boobs touched and kissed and played with,” Christal said. “If there’s no one to do it for me, I’ll do it myself without even thinking about it.”

Her idea of a perfect date? “Take me out, be good to me, then play with my tits, eat my pussy and fuck me until I can’t take anymore. That’s a good date to me.”

That’s right: Take her out to dinner, hold doors open for her, then take her back to your place and suck her tits and eat and fuck her pussy. I guess the guy who married her must have known the secret formula.

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Trinety Guess – Ready To Play

Ready To Play

Ready To Play

Sexy Trinety G. is more than ready to play. She’s ready to make hay and have a hot, horny day with her new bed mate JMac. The young Florida fox wants sex adventures and new experiences. Banging hung X-Men while the cameras roll and being seen by countless guys at home turns her on. Trinety’s gone from webcam girl to porn star since her solo debut at XL Girls in early 2012.

Trinety gets just the kind of hard adventure she’s been thinking of. JMac’s big cock and fuck skills sends Trinety into orgasmic orbit by the time he jerks a nut into her mouth. She swallows his ball-sauce, licking some of the spillage off her huge bazooms.

Trinety likes to tease with her curvy, soft body and she’s a great teasing pleaser. However, in this scene, there’s little tease time as this match made in hooter heaven gets it on fast and furious, sans foreplay. It’s total sex time and stud service with a smile for the redheaded hottie!

Trinety stars with nine more XL Girls in the 2-disc DVD Large Lovin’ 5.

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Kelly Kay – Kelly And Linsey

Kelly And Linsey

Kelly And Linsey

What happens when a big-bust legend meets a hot up-and-cummer? If this was a major motion picture, this historic meeting between the luscious Linsey Dawn McKenzie and curvy Kelly Kay would have been called When Boobs Collide. Who wants to be the man meat in a Linsey/Kelly sandwich? Line forms over there, guys!

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Hitomi – Totally Coated!

Totally Coated!

Totally Coated!

Our guest from Japan has had a hectic time during her stay in Miami. Hitomi’s toured the Everglades, ridden an airboat and seen crocodiles and snakes up-close. She’s sampled an American roadside food market.

Hitomi’s spent the day in Biscayne Bay and speed-boated to a symbol of old Florida, Stiltsville. She’s had her body turned into a living canvas by an artist and become the subject of a milking fantasy. And she also posed for pictorials at SCORE.

As we near the completion of “Hitomi Loves Miami,” the Japanese superstar enters one last place, a strange glory hole room where her gorgeous face and body are “Totally Coated!” in a bizarre cum fantasy.

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Race Car Fever

Race Car Fever

Race Car Fever

n 1999, SCORE sponsored a British race car and who better to pose by it than Linsey Dawn McKenzie, the reigning big-boobed world champion? She’s joined by fellow model Kathy, a Russian √©migr√© settled in the UK. Kathy became the go-to girl for many SCORE lezzie scenes from teen to big tits and is best known for appearing in Chloe Vevrier’s first hardcore movie, Ultimate Chloe. She also joined LDM, Lorna Morgan and Kerry Marie promoting SCORE at a London Car show in a video posted on the site. While LDM and Kathy posed for the still camera, a videographer recorded the hectic scene. Girls and speedy cars go together. Of course, they flashed their hooters. Check out the fantastic artwork on the hood…now that’s a pin-up.

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Sadie Spencer – Ginger Spice

Ginger Spice

Ginger Spice

It has been far too long since we last saw Sadie Spencer, but she was worth the wait–especially because there’s more Sadie to love now. Sadie was an E-cupper when she debuted in 2003, but she comes back to us with more curves and boasting 36G-cup naturals. This is what we call aged-to-perfection. Sadie is married and a mother of two now, so she has graduated to MILF status.

“I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed doing this until I came back,” Sadie said. “I’m a swinger, so I’m always looking for new highs. My husband enjoys watching me get fucked by another man. We’re going to play my new videos on the TV in our room while we fuck. I’m getting hot just thinking about it.”

And she’s getting us hot talking about it. Sadie’s dirty talking has improved since 2003, too, and she does plenty of it in this scene. And in case you all were wondering, yes, Sadie did shoot hardcore this time. So, look out for it in the near future.

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Brittany Love – Picked Up & Pounded

Picked Up & Pounded

Picked Up & Pounded

You don’t know a thang about sportin’ a southern boner until you hear this little gal Brittany Love talk about how much better the fucking is down “Jaw-jah” way. When Hot Rod met Brittany, the sexy Southern Belle was eager to be bad and he was eager to slide his cock deep into her Georgia peach. This scene focused more on Brittany’s beautiful legs instead of her big tits.

Brittany’s first magazine was January 2000 SCORE. She was the covergirl. An exotic dancer who traveled from club to club all over the USA, Miss Love won many awards, such as the Big Bust Entertainer of the Year trophy from Exotic Dancer magazine in 2001 and 2003, the only SCORE Girl to win this award twice. She was a favorite of many club owners for her professionalism and personality.

The redhead was invited to Boob Cruise 2000 in the spring of that year. She was a hostess in the DVD of this final Cruise, “Boobs Ahoy!” Brittany also became one of the go-to girls for girl-girl hardcore action at SCORE, lapping and toying Haley Hills, Deanna Baldwin, Dawn Stone and Mary Carey.

The friendly country girl and swinger was a familiar face at SCORE in the early ’00s, and we even did an “At Home” piece with her in her house for the March ’00 issue. A SCUBA diver, Brittany drives motorcycles, is an expert markswoman and is your all-around outdoor Southern gal.

Brittany retired from everything adult in the mid-00s.

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Harmony Reigns – Rack Royale

Rack Royale

Rack Royale

The “Rack Royale” in question belongs to Miss Harmony Reigns of London, England. Harmony has big jugs but don’t hold that against her. On second thought, go ahead.

A high-energy brunette, Harmony goes the Full Monty. She strips, she dances, she masturbates, she does hot modeling on British TV and she does porn. Fetish. Cosplay. Underwater. She does it all. Sex is her hobby too. “Sex and lots more sex and a lil’ poledancing here and there,” says Harmony.

Harmony likes action in and out of the bedroom and the photo studio. “I like dates that are adventurous,” Harmony says. “Dinner and a movie is boring. Theme parks, something athletic. Give me fun-packed adventures.” So miniature golf is probably out.

“I love being blindfolded and having my hair pulled. I’m both assertive and submissive. Just skip the foreplay. I just want to get straight into it.”

In Harmony’s next scene, she’s the boss lady interviewing an applicant. That will be fun-packed.

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Vanessa Lilio – “I am very shy”

“I am very shy”

Vanessa Lilio is from Poland, land of Bea Flora, Vanessa Y., Anita Agni and Anna Jota. Vanessa (also pronounced Wanessa, at least in Poland) was well-known in the Euro-tits world. This was her USA debut.

“Sexually, I am very shy,” says Vanessa, who does not seem to be especially shy. I think she was yanking the crank when she said that.

Apparently to prove her “shyness,” Vanessa said, “I went to a disco and was having fun when I met this man. He was really nice so we went to the restroom and had sex. It was wonderful. There is nothing kinkier than restaurant toilet sex.”

I have to admit that does sound shy.

Vanessa only does solos and the occasional girl-girl scene–nothing with guys, even though she kinda looks like a girl who does hardcore. Vanessa likes sexually assertive guys. “He has to be handsome like Ricki Martin,” Vanessa said.

Vanessa is a friend of Kora Kyrk, another Polish big-boobed SCORELAND model. “The Czech Republic is famous now in Europe for big-boobie girls, but I think my country, Poland, is showing we have big boobs, too,” Vanessa said.

I agree with Vanessa. We just need more Polish bra-busters. In fact, I asked Vanessa Y. if she knew anyone who had boobs her size in Poland and she said, “I don’t know anyone in Poland with big boobs.” They really keep ’em under wraps over there.

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Autumn-Jade – Autumn Looking Sexy

Autumn Looking Sexy

Autumn Looking Sexy

The camera moves and swoops at hyperwarp speed during this backstage video of Autumn posing for the pictorial called “Autumn Lookin’ Sexy.” During several moments, A-J can’t resist mugging or winking at the video-cam. “I like to mess with it when it comes in close. I’m just a tease and I can’t stop it.”

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Chloe And Mimi Miyagi

Chloe And Mimi Miyagi

Chloe And Mimi Miyagi

The girls posed in Palm Springs, California for the John Graham team, who were on a photo safari for big boobs. Chloe only made two XXX movies, Ultimate Chloe and Chloe’s Ultimate Encore. As a contrast, Mimi has over 84 movies listed to her name, with lots of anal and facial action. This now-classic pictorial, a very unusual pairing, appeared in the July 1994 SCORE Magazine, a true collector’s issue. A Las Vegas resident, Mimi was in the news in the second half of 2006. Mimi Miyagi became a Republican candidate for governor of Nevada with the campaign slogan: “For the bare and honest truth.” Mimi’s official entourage included her “campaign cuties,” two bodyguards and a makeup artist. “I have nothing left to hide,” she said when filing her papers for the November election. She was dressed in a tight pink business suit and pill-box hat invoking Jackie Kennedy’s ’60s image. “My slogan is, ‘I’m bare and honest at all times.’ Look, I’m not some old bastard playing golf,” declared Mimi. “I’m for the people, which means raising the minimum wage and getting rid of business taxes for entertainers. I’m a Republican because I love to bear arms and breasts!” Mimi’s platform included: New anti-stalking legislature; the reduction of waiting time processing police reports for crime victims; tougher laws on domestic violence abusers; removing newly added business tax laws on entertainers; legalizing strip clubs in hotels and more funds for programs to reduce youth gang violence. Mimi also wanted more money for public education, which lags badly compared to other Western countries. “Education in America is too much like our criminal justice system in America. It’s the greatest system in the world, but there are inequities that are systemic to the process. There is little doubt that money matters! We’ve built a system of education that is unfair for our children. If you’re fortunate enough to live out of the inner cities, out of the poverty-stricken areas of our country, chances are you will see better schools, better teachers, better programs, better everything.”

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Desirae’s Lingerie Lounge

Desirae’s Lingerie Lounge

Desirae's Lingerie Lounge

Desirae‘s our ultimate sweet dream. The bedtime buddy we’d love to get cuddly with. ‘Cuddly’? Who are we kidding? Desirae is hot, hot, hot and we want her — big time! And she’s especially hot when she’s ready to settle in for the night in a pink baby doll she’s only too happy to climb out of. Slowly. Seductively. Exposing every inch of that luxurious, voluptuous body just for us. You know she loves it. “I get so wet dreaming of all my fans cumming on me at the same time. I’m in an ocean of their cum, swimming in it.” Desirae, we want to be your wet dream. Right now.

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Alexis May – All The Way

All The Way

All The Way

Our Scottish lassie Alexis is enjoying brunch with Matt when sex strikes. She doesn’t finish her vegetables. Instead Alexis nosedives for beef, bending over to let her hangers sway as she sucks cock and balls. Miss May is a true naughty-yet-nice girl who knows a great deal about sex and worshipping the man-shaft. She carefully lies on her back on the table so Matt can lick her cunt and make it wet before taking her temperature with his meat thermometer.

“We didn’t stop fucking, even when the camera was off,” Alexis said after the scene was finished. “We were fucking in the shower in the studio. When the photographer stopped taking pictures, we were still fucking, and then later on, we went back to the hotel and fucked again. I would’ve liked to have brought him back home.

“He was about nine-and-a-half inches. It feels different from a small cock. Full. I like the way a big cock spreads my pussy and makes it feel so full, but a guy with a smaller cock, like average-size, can make me feel good, too, if he knows what he’s doing.”

Alexis loves to fuck and get fucked. She does something many like to see and that’s a girl licking her tits when a cock is thrusting away. And it’s the hand of Alexis that jerks him off on her lips and big tits. That’s always appreciated.

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