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Kelly Kay – Jackumentary: Kelly Kay

Jackumentary: Kelly Kay

Jackumentary: Kelly Kay

Kelly made her official magazine cover girl debut in October ’04 SCORE when she was 18. Kelly would be filmed in London and in Spain but she never came to the USA, unfortunately. She was very shy at first but over time she gradually opened up when she was ready.

Kelly got hotter, using big toys and trying girl-girl sex with Czech bra-buster Bozena but she mostly modeled alone. She also posed pregnant. Kelly proved to be not shy at all but she wasn’t keen on trying boy-girls and never did.

Liverpool resident Kelly was 18 years old when she was spotted by Linsey Dawn McKenzie. Linsey told the SCORE studio people about this busty teenager with a 42-inch chest and shapely body. Kelly was immediately invited to model. Kelly had seen models in magazines and tabloid newspapers and thought about posing even before her opportunity ever came up.

Kelly had never modeled before and took to it, even though in the beginning, she was as shy as Nicole Peters. Kelly was living at home with her mum Jane and going to school. Her mother accompanied her to her first shoot in London and eventually posed for 40Something magazine. Said Jane, “Seeing Kelly pose, I was quite keen on trying it myself, to live the fantasy my little girl is living. The head of the studio said to me, ‘I’d like to see you pose, mum!'”

Kelly retired from modeling to become a stay-at-home mother.

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Allysa Andrews – Florida Keys Boob Bomb

Florida Keys Boob Bomb

Florida Keys Boob Bomb

Allysa Andrews was a horny little minx when she came to XL Girls. The Florida local was young, full of hot, wild oats and worked in a porn store.

“The guy with me, Johnny Rod, was very experienced,” said Allysa. “I’d never been with a guy like that so it was great because he taught me a lot about sex and how to position myself the best for the cameras so everyone at home can see everything. I’m just a rookie. I’ve seen a lot of adult movies because I worked in an adult store and I’ve seen plenty of bad ones so I want any videos I’m in to look great.

“Johnny controlled me and told me what to do. I liked that. I think most girls want a man to be in control of them even if they don’t want to admit that and I think most of the guys at home watching a video want to see the man control the girl and guide her when they fuck.

“Most of them don’t want to see a girl call the shots on a submissive guy and henpeck his cock around. They want to see the girl adore the man’s cock and do as he says ’cause he’s the boss. I guess that’s why I have this fantasy of being fucked by Darth Vader…the most controlling, dominant male in the universe.”

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Allysa Andrews – Florida Keys Boob-Bomb

Florida Keys Boob-Bomb

Florida Keys Boob-Bomb

Allysa Andrews has 38G boob-bombs and she’s proud of them. She rubs them proudly, too. “G for good?” her fuck friend Johnny Rod asks in this remastered scene.

JR and Allysa both agree that Allysa is a dirty, little bad girl who likes to fuck and cum as much as she can. First they must play private boob games. Allysa can suck on her nipples. Many girls can’t do this because of their breast size, pliability and shape. Allysa can just lift that suckler up with her hands and encircle the nipple with her lips.

Allysa lists the things she’s good at doing that could qualify her to star in porn videos. “I like to titty fuck,” she says proudly. “I’m good at sucking cock. I’m a dirty girl. I’m a cum whore. I love cum. I love to eat it.” Those qualifications seem to be in order. JR tells Allysa to jump up and down, shake her tits, spit on the nipples, suck her finger like she’s sucking a cock and spank her own ass. Johhny has her get into a masturbation pose on the couch. Warmed up, he unzips his fly. She immediately goes for the cock. She rubs his cock through his briefs, even sucking it through the fabric for a second before going for the bareback meat. He tells her to look up while he fucks her mouth. Allysa can only get half his cock in her mouth. From the same position, he fucks Alyssa’s jugs. She offers them up for fucking, squeezing them together making the “cleavage pussy” tighter.

Allysa begs for a hot bang in her pussy. Her cries reverberate loudly through the room as she’s pounded hard on the couch. Johnny inches forward to penetrate her deeper in missionary position. Then to achieve max penetration, she sits on his cock in reverse cowgirl. She leans forward to take the cock in doggie pose, his battering meat-ram setting off an atomic bomb in her sopping wet cunt. JR can hold back no longer and uncorks a load of man-paste directly on Allysa’s waiting tongue, proving that she really does like to eat up all the cum.

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Noelle Easton – The hot chick

The hot chick

The hot chick

Noelle Easton, who was only 18 years old when this scene was shot, shows off her big, natural tits and tight, teen pussy. The video contains an interview, in which Noelle tells us all about herself, and a swimsuit show. Noelle is justifiably proud of her body.

Noelle is from Tennessee. As you can see elsewhere on SCORELAND2, she enjoys sucking and fucking real cocks on-camera. She does it well and she does it a lot. She’s not a big-city chick. She’s a country girl. She became a stripper one month after her 18th birthday. I’ve always wondered why she waited a month. She waited another six months to try hardcore sex. Again, why the wait? I’m not complaining. I’m just wondering.

Excerpts from Elliot’s interview with Nicole:

SCORELAND: Noelle, are you proud of your body?
NOELLE: Yes, I am.

SCORELAND: Do you like to show it off?
NOELLE: Yes, I do. That’s why I’m doing porn!

SCORELAND: You like getting facials?
NOELLE: It’s just so much hotter than normal, y’know, cumming in your pussy. I’m just like, “Cum on my face! Let it drip down me.”

Given the choice between a guy cumming in your pussy or cumming on your face, you would pick your face?
NOELLE: Definitely!

SCORELAND: Face or tits?
NOELLE: I like them to just kind of aim towards my mouth, and I stick my tongue out a little bit so a little gets in my mouth and then it just drips down my chin and down my boobs, and whatever I have left in my mouth, I just spit it out and let it drip down.

SCORELAND: Do you rub it in?
NOELLE: Yes. I shake it around. I just think that’s so hot.

SCORELAND: Do you always spit or are you a swallow girl?
NOELLE: Oh, I’m a swallow girl! If a girl can get a dick in her mouth, she can swallow the cum. Spitters are quitters. But I do like it on my face for the show!

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Chloe Vevrier – Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

I can hear you all singing up a storm! When the Beatles were on their LSD trips, I bet they never saw anyone in an outfit as wild as this ensemble. When I first saw the hat and jacket I was absolutely compelled to try it on. It was definitely my alter ego. When we found my far out mushroom…I knew I had to use them as props for a ChloesWorld photo shoot. In my everyday life (my normal life, that is…) I dress very simply and somewhat very 60’s hippie. That is why when I am modeling; I am drawn to outfits, which are totally far from my norm. Peter W. the SCORE photographer and I were visiting a friend of his who owns a huge warehouse full of wild costumes. We were going to be just a few minutes as Peter was going to drop some things off. As I walked around, I became fascinated with all the wild outfits. I was like the proverbial kid in a candy shop. Within a few minutes, I had stripped off my clothes and was busy trying on several crazy getups. I was so busy having fun, that I did not realize that I had created a spontaneous photo shoot. I could hear Peter snapping away, and of course, I had to just ham it up also. When I first started modeling, there was no such thing as a digital shoot. I spent a lot of time in makeup, and then a lot more time under hot lights posing for these “natural” shots. No one realizes how hard modeling can be. I have had to hold poses for what seemed like an eternity. There were times that I went home and felt like my face muscles were frozen. But always, in spite of the hard work, it is thrilling to see the final products…especially if they made a cover. I had no idea that ten years after my first photo shoot that I would still be working and learning. I am a very sensuous, earth mother type of person. I love my body, and I love the whole aspect of making love and having a passionate relationship. Working as a nude model has helped me be more expressive, more sexual in my own private life. Making love is a very giving thing. The more you give, the more you get back. It is a natural law. Isn’t it strange that mankind has not wholly evolved to embrace this concept? I feel that my photo shoots pick up my sensuality…my love for both men and women. I have had many women writing to me as I have had men. I get many women trying to pick me up and trying to seduce me. I do not consider myself a lesbian…I love men too much. But I do love sex! I love the human body and feel very comfortable with my sexuality. Perhaps, this comes through in my photo shoots, and is an important reason for my success as a sex icon. All I know is that I am grateful for all my fans, and that I am more popular now than even when I began my career. Thanks everyone! Ciao! Chloe

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Picked Up For Porkin’

Picked Up For Porkin’

Picked Up For Porkin'

There’s no ifs, ands or buts about it. Whitney Stevens is a busty ho who loves to fuck. Do you see the look of unbridled lust in her eyes as that dick splits her slit? This sexy brunette just can’t get fucked enough. How do we know? While getting ready for this shoot, she revealed a few salacious details to us. For one, Whitney has screwed a LOT of guys, and as a result she’s become a professional fuckdoll who can make you cum in 60 seconds or less. How many is a lot? We won’t say exactly, but suffice it to say she’s had a cock for every year of her life times three. But just because she has the ability to make you shoot your load before her panties have even hit the ground doesn’t mean she rushes through sex. No. Whitney knows it’s not about the destination, but the journey. She loves that cock ride just as much as you do. And she’s not satisfied until she gets sprayed with cum. Now that’s what we call a happy ending.

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Two Tasty Ladies

Two Tasty Ladies

Two Tasty Ladies

It takes a certain kind of guy to handle Peaches and Shugar at the same time. But we’re going to clue you in on what to do. First, you have to come prepared with food. Fruit seems to be the biggest aphrodisiac for these ladies. Tease them by only letting them get little nibbles at a time. Let the juices run down their chin and onto their huge tits. Once they’ve eaten, they are definitely going to want to fuck. Be prepared to do some serious tit juggling, because two pairs of heavy hangers are going to be at your disposal. Jerk off before you leave the house, because once they start sucking your dick with their expert mouths, it’s going to be hard not to blow your load. And when they take turns riding you and putting on a boob show for you, it’ll be even harder to contain your nut-sauce. But pace yourself, it’s worth it when you finally get to blow a load over the sweetest tits you’ve ever seen.

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Autumn-Jade – Autumn’s Body Shop

Autumn’s Body Shop

Autumn's Body Shop

There was no shortage of volunteers when Autumn offered to do this sudsy car wash pictorial. They didn’t want to volunteer their cars. They just wanted to see her wash one in the SCORE loading dock. You’ll see why.

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Ines Cudna – Puss In Boots

Puss In Boots

Puss In Boots

Ines bought this sexy brassiere in London, England. Every time she’s in London, the guys from SCORE always ask her if she would pose for them wearing it. Ines told us that she loves to shop in London, visiting all the women’s clothing shops she has time for. She really loved going to Harrods, the most famous department store in London. She wished she had the money to buy all the things she wanted there but their prices are off the chain. So she settled for a lot of window-shopping. Although she did buy these boots there and she is so hot that we wouldn’t mind if she kept them on in the bedroom if she wanted to.

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Putting The Show In Shower

Putting The Show In Shower

Putting The Show In Shower

Leanne loves to work-out at her fitness center back home. When she’s away, Leanne will use the fitness center at her hotel. Here in the swanky modern mansion high above the coastal city of Puerto Vallarta, Leanne uses the fitness equipment in the mansion’s gym.

She works out on the treadmill and the elliptical and then does floor work. Work-out completed, Leanne checks herself in the mirror then hits the shower to soap up that luscious body! A girl’s gotta stay in shape!

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Passing The Bar

Passing The Bar

Passing The Bar

As closing time approached, the pub man showed no sign of asking Linsey to leave. Then things really heated up. Just where in London is this gin joint that of all the bars in all the world you wish you had walked into? Suffice it to say that any pub where Linsey wants to get down and get undressed ought to have hooters in the name. Check out the decor, Linsey fans, and bar-hop until you find this tucked away little gem. It’s a fun little gin mill, and who knows? Maybe one day you’ll be reaching for your pint when Linsey bounces down alongside you. Who knows?

British Television alert: On November 13th ’03 Linsey appeared briefly on the Channel 4 reality show The Salon. This program takes place in a London shop where people go to get haircuts, facials, massages and all that. There are cams everywhere recording the day-to-days. Lots of internal drama amongst the employees, natch. Linsey got a cut and a tanning. LinseysWorld asked the Salon folks if LW could show a few snippets of LDM’s appearance. Unfortunately they replied: “I am sorry but The Salon does not have the budget to give our clients VHS’s of the show. We advise all our clients to record the show. Best Wishes, Cat G——, Salon Researcher.” The show airs weekdays at 6pm. Visit to read about The Salon.

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Danni Lynne – Her Tits Open All Doors

Her Tits Open All Doors

Her Tits Open All Doors

Rackalicious newcomer Danni Lynne (July 2016 Voluptuous) appeared out of nowhere. At least it seemed like that. She used to work at Knott’s Berry Farm in California. Now she’s checking out her options in the wonderful world of big naked boob photography. And those options are very impressive.

“I wanted to see where I could go with modeling. I started doing props and stuff with a couple of friends. We did a candy shop theme, and then we did a pajama party theme. It was fun. My friends were doing a project for a fashion show. Just slides of the outfits.”

Danni went from boob-focused masturbation to hardcore right away. She’s very comfortable on-camera. She’s found her calling.

“A photographer told me I’d be good for you, and he told me he’d look into seeing if you wanted me. I’ll do a shoot and then not do one for a few months. Before this, I was writing. I write short stories, poetry, songs, rap songs.”

Danni’s big natural tits and her body have the power.

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A sun dress. A very simple, floral-pattern sun dress. There is absolutely nothing sexy or overtly sexual about the dress Karina is wearing in these pictures. In fact, if the average girl wore it, you probably wouldn’t give her a second look. But Karina is not the average girl, and on her, once again, simple becomes spectacular.

We’ve seen Karina in super-tight, cleavage-revealing sweaters and sexy lingerie. We’ve seen her as a vamp, and we’ve seen her as a slut. But these pictures truly reveal. What makes Karina so special; Her ability to make anything look sexy.

But Karina has a secret that she was willing to reveal to us: No matter what she wears, she likes to have on at least one thing that’s sexy on its own, even if that thing isn’t visible to casual observers on the street. And in this case, that something sexy is her underwear. The bra is a vintage push-up. Instead of panties she’s wearing a sheer mini-skirt that beautiful accents her womanly hips.

“Wearing something sexy makes me feel sexy,” Karina said.

There are other notables in this photo set, too, such as Karina’s gaping pussy and spread-wide asshole. But what makes these photos special is Karina turning the ordinary into extraordinary. She can do it every time.

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