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Alexsis Faye Will Make Your Day

Alexsis Faye Will Make Your Day

Alexsis Faye Will Make Your Day

Welcome back, Alexsis Faye. It's always a pleasure to have Alexsis back.

SCORELAND: So Alexsis Faye, how has your day-to-day life been since you last appeared at SCORELAND?

Alexsis: With this virus, I didn't do that much, just the normal webcam shows and lots of popcorn and Netflix.

SCORELAND: And obviously you have been exercising and keeping your body beautiful. What are the challenges for you when you shoot your own videos?

Alexsis: When I shoot my own movies, the hardest thing is when I get requests with a very specific to-do list. Some of them are special and I am not even sure other members will like it. For example, I have a member who orders movies and just wants me to talk with a golden tooth.

Every time I do a movie, I try to do exactly what the member wants. Another funny movie is with me trying to escape from moving sand and I have to pretend to be really scared and ask for help. All doing this with me in a hole in an orange bed sheet that looks like the desert.

A tough movie was also recently when I had to smoke a cigar and do boxing at the same time with the cigar in my mouth and 15cm (6-inch) heels. I bit the cigars too much when punching so I had to use four cigars for only one movie because I was breaking them with my teeth.

SCORELAND: Is this male toy in your video better and more pleasurable than playing with a regular handheld toy?

Alexsis: Yes, I love my Torso, and it's the only one that makes me cum without expecting it. But my favorite toy is still the Hitachi wand. That one can make me cum in one minute. No other toy has reached that yet.

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