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The Stablehand’s Dream Girl

The Stablehand’s Dream Girl

The Stablehand's Dream Girl

Aurora Rose is ready to pitch some hay. Sounds like a plan. That’s why this sexy British girl is visiting this stable in Southern California. Disneyland would have been a bad choice because Aurora couldn’t run around naked there.

If we owned a stable, the only employees we’d hire would be pretty, naked girls with big boobs. Girls like Miss Rose. But she was meant for bigger and better things and this scene is one of those things. Her lovely, soft hands should not be marked with calluses from handling farm tools. Our hands have calluses from all the jacking to girls like Aurora.

What’s Aurora’s dating style like?

“For me, a date is more fun when I already like the person or feel excited by the thought of seeing them. So if I am on a date with someone then I prefer a setting where we cannot be disturbed by others but with enough atmosphere to get me additionally excited.”

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