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Sweet Young Stuff’s Poolside Pounder

Sweet Young Stuff's Poolside Pounder

Sweet Young Stuff's Poolside Pounder

Chloe Rose was no stranger to sex judging by 1) her pierced pussy 2) how she worshipped Sean's cock with her big E-cup boobs, hungry mouth and young pussy. Texas honey Chloe did not hold up the solos-only sign at SCORELAND. Her girl-alone scenes are very hot too.

"I'm the kind of girl who likes to try new things," Chloe said. The way she plays with her tits while she's sucking off Sean or getting fucked is hot.

Chloe puts on her little bikini that barely covers her voluptuously heavy breasts and gets it on at poolside for a while. She and her stud go inside for more privacy and a comfortable couch to do the deed on, and do the deed they do, climaxing in a facial and boob glazing.

Chloe grew up a tomboy, although no one would ever guess that seeing this scene. Chloe had never modeled before, just taken the usual naked selfies in the mirror that many girls take today, and she tried topless dancing. That didn't last long.

"I was a stripper for about two weeks. I started two weeks after I turned 18. I stopped because one night my dad's best friends all walked in. I was on the main stage, and one of my dad's friends saw me up there."

At SCORELAND, we worship girls with big tits and we're as supportive as a custom-fitted brassiere, but society in general is not so loving.

"Having big boobs all my life, I liked the attention when I got older," said Chloe. "But when I was younger, I would sometimes be put down because of them. I was a C-cup by sixth grade. I was a D-cup by the time I went to high school. And I was almost a DDD-cup by graduation. I went to the doctor and he said that they'd probably continue growing by a half cup per year. My boobs have always been a problem for everyone else, but when I see myself in the mirror, I think they look great."

We agree!

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