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Sirale Is Knocked-Up

Sirale Is Knocked-Up

Sirale Is Knocked-Up

Remember Sirale? We have bra-breaking news. She got knocked-up. In her fourth month, Sirale contacted our photographer who filmed all of her previous scenes. We checked out her snaps to see how Sirale looked and set it up. Her big tits are even bigger and her nipples have enlarged.

SCORELAND: Hi Sirale, how are you? Congratulations on your mommy condition. Let us ask you, do you watch your scenes at SCORELAND?

Sirale: Yes, and I download them all. I enjoy watching them.

SCORELAND: Do you watch them by yourself or with someone?

Sirale: No, I watch them alone.

SCORELAND: What do you think as you watch them?

Sirale: I’m watching my mistakes. Thinking about what I can do better next time.

SCORELAND: Do you get horny and have sex when you play them?

Sirale: No. I just watch them and review myself.

SCORELAND: Has it changed you at all? Your personality or your sex drive?

Sirale: Yes. A lot. Because I like to be showing off a lot more now. Even pregnant.

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