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Shara’s Sexy Staircase Show

Shara's Sexy Staircase Show

Shara's Sexy Staircase Show

Wearing a lacey, see-through dress, her big tits making a boob shelf in her bra, Shara Lopez carefully walks down the stairs in her high heels. You've been waiting at the bottom of the staircase for Shara to make her grand entrance and it's everything you expected.

"I am ready to go out," Shara tells you. "I am wearing the dress you love." Shara turns her beautiful body so you can see the back of her dress, which exposes ample amounts of her soft skin. "Do you like it?"

Shara can see that any interest you had in going out is gone after seeing her. You don't want to share her with anyone, no matter where you take her on this date. You don't want anyone giving her the eye. You want her all to yourself.

"It was your idea to go out. Now you don't want to," Shara says. Her smile tells you that she knows what you want. She teasingly takes her tits out of her bra. This is some of what you want. She shakes and swings her pliable tatas hands-free and brings her nipples to her lips. Shara is one of the great self-suckers.

You see when Shara takes off her dress that she isn't wearing panties. Shara plays with her now-naked, slim and stacked body on the staircase, spreading and warming her pussy with her fingers. She stands up and slowly walks upstairs, crooking her finger, signaling you to follow her to the bedroom. It looks like you'll need to have dinner delivered. Later.

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