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Sex Kitten On A Swing

Sex Kitten On A Swing

Sex Kitten On A Swing

Kitty Cute was curious about a round, suspended chair made of clear plastic that could swing. She wanted to do a photo shoot with it. Our photographer let her swing as long as she wanted.

A girl with a bold, fuck-me gaze who knows how to dress the way guys want to see big-boobed girls dress, Kitty picked out a pair of tight shorts and a see-through blouse over a bra for this pictorial. And heels. Kitty loves to wear high heels as much as possible.

“I am a very shy person. You may not think so. I am too shy for sex in public. I am not into girls. I don’t care for anal sex. I don’t have an interest in kinky things. I just like romantic sex, normal sex.”

Kitty’s boobs began their journey of growth when she was 13 and it looks like they’re still growing. It might be wishful thinking but her tits look bigger than they were when she first appeared at SCORELAND.

“It’s so difficult to buy bras in Romania that fit me well. I always wear a bra when I am not home. When I am in my house, I usually do not wear one.”

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