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Roxi Red’s First Anal Sex Scene

Roxi Red’s First Anal Sex Scene

Roxi Red's First Anal Sex Scene

Roxi Red is one of a kind. There’s no one like her, anywhere. No one with her kind of physique and massive, natural tits. To merely call them “big boobs” is a total understatement.

This is Roxi’s very first anal sex scene. She’s been fucked in her butt before but never on-camera. For Roxi and Roxi’s fans, this is a historic, momentous event. A butt-boning not to be forgotten.

Her partner is a new guy to her and he’s happily stunned when he sees her breasts. He can’t believe how big and heavy they are, guesstimating the weight at 20 pounds each and thinks Roxi’s body is probably only 100 pounds. It’s difficult for him to keep his hands and face off them. This is because getting with Roxi, a woman with a pair of the world’s biggest, well-shaped breasts, is like Xmas for a hardcore breast-man.

The night before, Roxi used a butt plug and lube to get her ass prepared for fucking. She and our photographer went to a sex store and bought the butthole expander and the purple mesh dress she’s wearing in this scene.

Roxi sucks Dray’s cock, then cups her boobs together so he can do what he’s wanted to do since he met her. Fuck those tits. His cock disappears between them, like the other dudes Roxi’s met at SCORE. He tit-fucks her again on her back, on the bed this time.

After he bones Roxi’s pussy, the big moment arrives. Roxi gets on her hands and knees, her ass up in the air. Dray slowly works the butt plug in. When she’s ready for the cock, he begins fucking her ass. Roxi then gets on her back and he fills her butt with cock again as she plays with her pussy, getting wilder and wilder!

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