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Ricki Raxxx & Her Bikini Bust-out At SCORE

Ricki Raxxx & Her Bikini Bust-out At SCORE

Ricki Raxxx & Her Bikini Bust-out At SCORE

The return of Ricki Raxxx with super-sized tits to SCORE after almost twenty years led to a flood of comments and emails from members who rarely send feedback.

For example:

"Rejoined because of Ricki. Just love her super stretched saucer-sized areolas now! Incredible breast projection too and just pure mass!"

"I've never posted a comment before but I had to comment on this [comeback] pictorial. Best. Comeback. Ever. Ricki looks better than ever. The 2021 Model of the Year contest is over. Please bring back more Ricki early and often."

In this scene, Ricki tries on some of the bikinis she brought to Miami. Her bottoms are small. Her bikini tops are massive.

SCORELAND: Do you play any sports, Ricki?

Ricki: No sports. Have you seen my tits? They would hinder me.

SCORELAND: Any hobbies?

Ricki: Antique shopping and yard work.

SCORELAND: Do you usually wear panties?

Ricki: Yes, G-strings or booty.

SCORELAND: What else do you do In addition to modeling and dancing?

Ricki: I've been in the business my whole adult life. I also own a business called (@after_midnight_off_the_rax) on Instagram and sell exotic dancer wear.

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