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Rachel Raxxx: The Pick-Up

Rachel Raxxx: The Pick-Up

Rachel Raxxx: The Pick-Up

Rachel Raxxx needs a ride. She’s stranded. A thousand passing drivers are honking as they speed by. It’s hot and she’s hot. Her previous fuck friend Jimmy Dix walks by. The first guy to sex Rachel up at SCORELAND, Jimmy offers Rachel a ride.

They get cozy on the couch, and handsy. Rachel tells Jimmy to take her big tits out of her low-cut, bright red blouse and bra. That takes him a split second. He loves Rachel’s bronze breasts.

It’s always an electric jolt when Rachel takes her knockers out. Like it’s said, every girl has a pussy. Only a chosen few have really big tits and even fewer have tits like hers.

After fondling, licking and rubbing Rachel’s hooters, it’s BJ time. Rachel leans over his lap as he pulls his junk out of his fly and offers it to her. She sucks it and sticks it between her tits, using her arms on each side of her boobs to squish his cock as she rocks up and down. Natural dick-buffers. She puts it back in her mouth and sucks on it like an ice cream cone, gripping the base of the bloated shaft.

Rachel gets on her back for another tit-fuck and sucks his dick even more. Her pussy is waiting for cock. The beautiful sexbomb sits on Jimmy’s lap and lowers herself on his meat-missile, the first of many horny bangs they’ll get into.

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