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Nyx Monroe: Slam Dance

Nyx Monroe: Slam Dance

Nyx Monroe: Slam Dance

Freshly fucked, Nyx Monroe cups her big tits and sticks out her tongue for JMac's load of man-lava. After her tits are coated and her mouth is filled, Nyx cleans his cock with her tongue. She looks straight into the camera lens and rubs the cream into her breast flesh and licks her cum-coated fingers.

But we're getting ahead of things.

It all began when Nyx, a dancer in the Baltimore area, gave JMac a twerking, boob-jiggling lap dance in a bedroom. We hear Nyx's voice as she gives him the grind, her hot thoughts about what she likes to do to guys and what she likes guys to do to her.

Guided to the bed, Nyx gets groped, JMac's hands squeezing, rubbing and feeling up her big breasts and slapping her vibrating ass cheeks. He tosses her on the bed and helps her undress. She's a vocal girl and doesn't hold back in her sounds of pleasure. She's really into enjoying herself and her partners.

Opening her mouth wide, Nyx swallows his dick, drooling all over it, jerking, sucking, licking. She lies on her back and holds her boobs together to give him the pleasure of a tit-fuck. Getting on top, Nyx fucks his cock as hard as he fucks her shaved pussy. Hard, fast, rough.

Nyx switches positions and sticks his dick back inside. Now she gets to feel his patented headlock fuck, her legs up in the air and pinned by his arms under her knees. Only the most-flexible girls can handle this position and Nyx is up for it, and much more.

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