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Nipple Queen

Nipple Queen

Nipple Queen

Magnificently delectable boobs and prominent pointy nipples like Alana Anderson‘s seem destined to get a lot of cum baths, but alas, that’s not the case. Her boyfriends were not into tit-fucking. That seems wrong.

Alana does get a lot of attention. “The last time I was in the airport, security guards flagged me and questioned me about ‘why I was going to Miami’ but I don’t think it had anything to do with my boobs. Blondes with fair skin always get flagged as terrorists, right?” She’s lucky she wasn’t patted down. Many stacked girls get that treatment.

Alana describes her personality as “85% neutral, 10% dominant and 5% submissive. I am a pretty easygoing person in general and in bed I don’t consider myself to be a dom but I am not submissive at all.”

What makes her nipples hard?

“Everything. They are very sensitive. My favorite is nice, warm lips and being handled gently. Also water. Any temperature when I wash my hands, eat food, or touch anything that is not room temperature (warmer or cooler). I like breast and nipple play, deep kisses and neck kisses.”

What mistakes do men make with girls?

“Don’t bite my nipples. That hurts. I think some guys make the mistake of assuming most girls like anal when they don’t. I believe most girls do not like it but do not tell them, since it’s on so many porn movies. Don’t call women slut, whore or bitch during sex. She doesn’t call you asshole. Porn movies give some guys the wrong idea, or so I believe. Porn movies should be done better. I am not against porn. I just think most porn movies are not done well and the ideas are too typical and lack imagination.

“There is a fine line between medical documentaries and some porn movies. Although I have seen some porn, I don’t like them because they are so overly scripted and honestly they aren’t done right. But maybe that’s because the ones I saw weren’t made from a woman’s point of view. If I were to make a porn movie it would be soft porn like a sexy dream and leave some imagination instead of fucking, fucking and more fucking. That is what might turn me on as far as porn goes, more of a sexy movie than a porn movie.”

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