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Lucy Rodriguez: We Love Lucy

Lucy Rodriguez: We Love Lucy

Lucy Rodriguez: We Love Lucy

Lucy Rodriguez's bra hooks must be made of titanium because her brassiere looks like it's going to pop off her big breasts from the pressure.

Lucy greets us. "Hello, guys. I am from Venezuela and I am living in Bogotá, Colombia. Look, I have a gift for you."

That gift is Lucy's sexy and shapely body and the show she puts on. A self-sucker who leaves lipstick circles around her nipples and a milker, Lucy made the right choice by becoming a hot model.

"My nipples are very sensitive. I like them to be sucked hard. I have some milk for you. Do you want milk? I have a lot for you."

Lucy has very pliable boobs which are ripe for sucking. She can tug and pull on them easily. A very high-energy girl, she bounces, claps and slaps her tits for our pleasure and hers. Almost every model has a toy hidden in her couch and Lucy is one of them. She licks it, sticks it between her big tits and pumps her pussy while she's milking. Another heavenly, horny hottie to enjoy, we love Lucy.

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