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Lollypop Gcup’s Dirty Ride

Lollypop Gcup's Dirty Ride

Lollypop Gcup's Dirty Ride

Lollypop Gcup is wearing a dress designed for hot babes who want maximum boobage exposure. She's eager to show off her sexy rack to Mr. James Angel, her date for the evening. Every head in the restaurant will wobble like a bobble head when Lollypop struts into the place ... if Lollypop and her date ever leave the bedroom.

Lollypop's dress allows easy access to her big tits without having to take it off. She and James take advantage of this special feature, and they both lick and suck on her sensitive nipples. They should let the restaurant know that they'll be late because they'll be fucking like crazy. Dinner date plans at SCORELAND never work out.

Lollypop gives James deepthroating action and squishes his boner between her boobs. He slips off her breastacular dress and her thong panties so he can finger-bang her wet pussy and eat her out. While she's on her back, he fucks her tits some more and holds her head so she can get the tip of his dick in her mouth and suck it. She glances at the camera as if to say, "Watch what I'm going to do to his cock."

Lollypop's so juicy from his tongue lashing that she can't wait to sit on his dick and bounce up and down. She's a screamer and talks dirty during their epic fuck. In fact, she talks dirty during the entire scene. Lollypop loves high-energy fucking, the harder the dick-down the better. When you want an action girl scorching the bedsheets, Lollypop Gcup is the people's choice. She craves that dirty ride.

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