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Sexy Lexxi

Sexy Lexxi

Sexy Lexxi

Lexxi Tyler, who’s been called “Sexy Lexxi” more times than she can count, has always struck me as one of those hot girls who hangs out with the other hot girls and can always be seen giggling and pointing and gossiping about the other boys. They’re the kinds of girls who seem like they’re hard to get, but they really aren’t. Lexxi once confirmed my impression of her.

“My girlfriends and I will check out guys at parties like guys check out girls,” she said. “We make comments about their asses, their bulges, their arms and their faces and we rate them, just like guys rate girls.”

She also said, “I like going out with my girlfriends. We’re all hot and bisexual and love to find guys and girls to play with. We’ll go to a nice dinner and have a few drinks. Then we’ll set out and start hitting the best clubs. We know all the bartenders and doormen. They take care of us because we always liven things up. I don’t have to try very hard to find a hookup partner. If I don’t, I’ll just end up in bed with one of my hot girlfriends. It doesn’t matter to me if a girl is licking my pussy or a guy is fucking it. I love both!”

The thing is, could you handle a girl like Lexxi? Yeah, you could handle E-cup tits and a 24-inch waist, but is she too much woman for you? Would the force of her personality overwhelm you?

An example: Lexxi’s girl-girl with Kianna Dior. Kianna is a porn star. She’s sucked and fucked a lot of cocks on-camera. At one point, Lexxi fucks Kianna with a strap-on, and you’d think Lexxi was the porn star. “Suck my cock, spit on it, you dirty bitch. You dirty whore,” she orders Kianna. “Swallow that cock whole! Like the way I throat-fuck you?”

If she were in bed with you, she would order you around.

Here, Lexxi models a tiny bikini. Bikinis were invented for girls like Lexxi. And there aren’t a lot of girls like Lexxi.

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