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Katie Thornton’s Nipple Games

Katie Thornton’s Nipple Games

Katie Thornton's Nipple Games

Katie Thornton enjoys the sights of Miami from the terrace. Passing speedboaters are oblivious to this blonde bombshell watching them pass by. That’s probably all for the best for their own safety. She’s wearing the classic men’s magazine lingerie: bra, panties, stockings and heels except there are holes cut in the bra cups so Katie’s nipples can poke through.

Why are there holes in the tips of those bra cups?

So Katie can use two miniature breast pumps and elongate her pretty nipples. Katie narrates her adventures in nipple pumping. Here’s how they work. A girl simply attaches the mini-pump to her nipple, turns a screw tight and the suction pulls the nipple out. The vacuum keeps the pumps from falling off. There’s no bulb to squeeze.

We see each nipple elongation in close-up. Judging by her heavy breathing, oohs, ahhs and moaning, Katie likes the feeling a lot.

“Look how tight and swollen they are,” Katie sighs. We know by now that SCORE‘s Model of the Year winner likes different forms of restraint and body pressure, from ball gags to breast toys like these stick on mini-pumps. She pulls and twists on the pumps then lies back on the and jiggles them faster. Breast stimulation like this, breasturbation, gives Katie a lot of pleasure.

“My nipples are so sensitive. Look how pink they are now,” says Katie, totally naked after she removes the pumps and everything else.

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