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SCORE Eye Candy

SCORE Eye Candy

"Homework is so boring," hot babe Katy Shavon said. It must be since Katy is doodling and looking at her phone, waiting for a call. Her eyeglasses give her that sexy student look, and with that bright green, button-straining, bare-midriff cardigan, her cleavage-building bra and her pink camel-toe booty shorts, her male teachers must go crazy.

If SCORELAND had hottest outfits contests, it's possible that Katy would win for this coed look. "It's all so tight," Katy says. "So tight. And it's so hot." Katy unbuttons her cardigan and tosses it aside. She plays with her push-up bra, bouncing her big tits nestled inside the cups. "So heavy." Katy says. "I wonder how much they weigh." She feels better when she takes off her bra, her boobs hang free and she rubs her thick nipples. Katy peels off her skintight shorts. "This is much better than doing homework." No debate about that.

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