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Isa Gomez: Breast Clappin’, Slappin’, Smackin’, Suckin’

Isa Gomez: Breast Clappin', Slappin', Smackin', Suckin'

Isa Gomez: Breast Clappin', Slappin', Smackin', Suckin'

"I can buy regular bras off the rack but it is difficult for me to buy bras that fit properly in Colombia," Isa Gomez told our photo team. "My breasts are very large, very juicy and very fleshy. Bras are hard to find in my size. I need to have a lot of support because my tits are so heavy."

Isa skipped the bra in this scene and just wore a tight purple dress that shows off her incredible figure. It's so low-cut that her nipples are barely covered.

"I wore this dress especially for you," said Isa. I like it a lot. I think it's very cute. And above all I love the neckline. I love wearing everything that fits me very tightly. This neckline is very tight and my boobs come out very quickly."

When Isa makes an entrance, she really makes an entrance. She's in high spirits. She strips off, bounces her tits, sucks her nipples, spanks her massive breasts, finger-bangs her pussy, spreads her ass cheeks and toys herself with a giant cock-shaped dildo that she sucks on after pulling it out of her drenched pussy.

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