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Helena Hope: She Wants You to Pop

Helena Hope: She Wants You to Pop

Helena Hope: She Wants You to Pop

Helena Hope has a taste for sexy, high-quality lingerie with which to decorate her busty body. By the time Helena's ready to stick her cock-shaped dildo into her pussy and mouth, all she's wearing are her high heels and straps wrapped around her firm thighs.

SCORELAND: Do you watch porn?
Helena: I do, but for me, it's less about the guy and more about the women. I like to watch their reactions.

SCORELAND: Are you bi?
Helena: Yes.

SCORELAND: You've been with women. Do you like busty women?
Helena: I like women that I can picture myself in their shoes, so, yes, the thicker girls with the big boobs.

SCORELAND: Daphne Rosen.
Helena: Yes! Everyone tells me that I remind them of her. I think it's the bottom of my face and the boobs. I didn't know who she was, but I looked her up.

SCORELAND: Okay, so porn with pro porn studs...yes, no?
Helena: Maybe one day.
SCORELAND: Please let us know if that day comes.

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