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Hard <i>SCORE</i> With Maggie Green

Hard SCORE With Maggie Green

Hard SCORE With Maggie Green

"I started out bartending," Maggie Green told us. "At one point I had an office job. But it was while I was bartending that I got approached to do some promotional modeling for a sports website. I thought the guy was kinda weird at first. It took him three tries to convince me to do it. There were a lot of weird guys who wanted to take my picture, and I was skeptical about any kind of modeling, but for this guy, it was just wearing a halter top and jeans and going to different events, so I started doing that. And I liked it, so I kept on doing it."

When she first began topless modeling, Maggie Green was thought of by many as the super "good girl." That is to say, she would probably stick to that mild level of exposure or maybe gradually build up to full nudity and that would be it. Doing a sex scene wasn't on Maggie's mind in 2009 when she first visited The SCORE Group.

"I didn't want to do porn, meaning hardcore. I was sort of naïve about the whole solo girl modeling. I didn't even think about that. I just knew I didn't want to do porn."

And now? Maggie is a top big-tit porn star with hundreds of fuck and masturbation scenes.

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