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Danielle Super-sizes Her Rack

Danielle Super-sizes Her Rack

Danielle Super-sizes Her Rack

Danielle Derek is excited to release her super-sized tits at SCORELAND. When she revealed her plans, imagining her slim, tiny body topped by even bigger boobs was enough to melt down the male brain, something Danielle’s been doing since she debuted. Danielle talked to the photographer about her busting-out as she played with her pale hooters, played with her pussy and butthole and tried on tight tops.

SCORELAND: So now that you’re bustier, how do people react to your huge tits?

Danielle: I just moved to Miami from New York City, which is very conservative and modest, and when I was there, I wore a lot of hoodies to shield them. I find that people will look, but my boobs almost frighten them, so they’re not going to ask questions or anything, but I will get stares. Nothing rude has happened so far. I understand that my boobs are not normal. But I wanna look like this, so when I get the attention, I deal with it.

SCORELAND: You said New York City is conservative. I never thought of it that way.

Danielle: New York people are very conservative, and New York is also the kind of place where people just put their heads down and go. They never look up. And I couldn’t take these out to a fancy restaurant in New York and not expect to get dirty looks. Manhattan has a very particular type of woman, and I am definitely not it! A little while ago, when I was still living there, I got into an argument with a woman, and the first thing she turned around and said to me was, “Get your plastic face out of here!” And I was thinking, “Of all things, she went right for the jugular.” There was no in-between. That was part of my decision to move down here. In Miami, the girls have big asses, big tits, long hair. I saw a girl walking in the mall in a mini-dress and a tiny top, so I know that down here, this look is way more accepted.

SCORELAND: In Miami, girls walk around in bikinis. You’ll fit right in.

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