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Chantel Ferrera: Smashing Time

Chantel Ferrera: Smashing Time

Chantel Ferrera:  Smashing Time

Chantel Ferrera does a hot solo peepshow in bed before Dieter enters the scene and enters Chantel. Her solo is a horny way to start a XXX scene. She's a lively, randy one, this Chantel, fingering her pussy and playing with her tits, all the while looking at the camera with a big smile.

Almost 20 years her senior, Dieter doesn't spend any time on small talk or admiring her looks. He jumps into bed, lifts Chantel's leg in the air and shoves his cock into her pussy without even saying hello. He jackhammers Chantel, takes a break to lick her pussy and finger-bang her, then resumes his merciless ramming in the same side position.

Chantel, who's a screamer, takes off her high heels so she can squat over Dieter, now on his back. She lowers herself over his pole and he shoehorns it up her pussy. They alternate between Chantel doing squats and Dieter doing his jackhammer move again. These two are into hard-slamming sex.

Chantel takes a break from getting her pussy smashed to get on top of Dieter and suck his dick while her plays with her ass. She strokes his cock at top speed, licks the head and eye-bangs the camera.

Holding onto the metal headboard of the bed, Chantel turns around, ass up, her left knee on the bed, her right foot propping her up so we can see between her legs. Her tits swing wildly as Dieter pounds her from behind, lifting her right leg up to get in even deeper. This dude fucks harder than porn guys half his age. Beating off like a madman, he nuts all over Chantel, who's holding her tits up for him, watching and waiting. After her big boobs are doused with cum, Chantel looks at the camera with a big grin.

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