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Bad Bella: Bad Enough for You?

Bad Bella: Bad Enough for You?

Bad Bella: Bad Enough for You?

She's not just bad. She's super-bad. And she approves of us jacking while she plays with her slim body, big tits and wet pink pie. She's Bad Bella and she's a bad girl who's good at being bad.

SCORELAND: How often do you have sex?

Bad Bella: Most days. Going a week without is rare.

SCORELAND: In your scene with Peter Fitzwell, when he came on your face, your cum play, wiping it all over your face and tits, your tongue sticking out, was smoking hot. Are you usually sexually aggressive or more the follow-the-leader type?

Bad Bella: Normally, I'm assertive. I love giving oral with someone else like double blowjobs or eating a girl out with another female or a male. I've had a bunch of kinky experiences but probably the impromptu threesomes I've had after a night out before I started doing planned shoots were the kinkiest. Because now, I only have sexual experiences with fully-tested people where it's more planned and less organic and spontaneous.

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