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A Real Life Farmer’s Daughter

A Real Life Farmer’s Daughter

A Real Life Farmer's Daughter

SCORE editor Dave wrote about Kaytee Carter, “The fact is, Kaytee is not the type of girl you’d normally expect to take off her clothes for an adult website or in an international men’s magazine. Before she came to us, she’d never posed nude, never danced nude. She’d never even sunbathed nude.”

Kaytee Carter was natural, smooth, comfortable and relaxed on-camera. A massage therapist by profession (one of our top ten fantasy jobs for chicks), Kaytee’s an action girl who likes camping, shooting, guns, fishing and anything adventurous.

She also enjoys clubbing, rooting for the San Diego Chargers, TV crime shows and “surprise” dates. “Dinner, dancing or four-wheeling in the desert. Anything fun. I’m pretty easy to please and I have fun no matter what I’m doing.”

Kaytee said that breast men don’t chase her. That’s crazy. “Every guy I’ve ever been with has not been a boob man. They’re usually ass men, which makes no sense to me.”

Like the saying goes, some things are not really understood and maybe it’s better that way.

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